Wraeththu: from Enchantment to Fulfilment (Wraeththu Chronicles)

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Press: Immanion Press (January 3, 2005)
Author Name:Constantine, Storm; Strange, Gabriel; Wood, Lydia


n the future, the world as we know it has changed. 
Humankind is in decline and a new race has arisen from the ashes.
Insanity, disease and infertility comprise the Achilles' Heel of the doomed human race.
Why these problems are on the increase is unknown: all that is known is that humankind has only a few years left to walk the earth.
In this new role-playing game, take on the role of an androgynous Wraeththu 'har' within a world where a dying race is struggling to survive.
You can transform humans into hara like yourself through the procedure of Inception.
But what will happen when all the humans have gone? There are many myths and legends about how the Wraeththu can reproduce, but are they true or simply folk tales? How will you master your new mystical powers? Based upon Storm Constantine's internationally selling Wraeththu trilogy, which is soon to be followed by three new books in the series, as well as a multitude of other materials to bolster and expand upon the Wraeththu Mythos, this publication is the first of many books to explore the Wraeththu Mythos in a role-playing format.
You are taken inside the world of the story and become one of the hara themselves, thrown into a world in turmoil and despair.
The scales have been tipped: the human race knows it is doomed and that the Wraeththu are the heirs of the Earth.

From the Author

The game will feature, detailed descriptions of the eight largest Wraeththu tribes, information on subjects such as Wraeththu Psychology, History and Magic. 
Also to be included are detailed maps of areas of the Wraeththu world and guides to some of the countries, towns and cities of the hara.
The book will also feature a short story by Christopher Coyle (Dragonlance) and artwork by Bruce Wells (Niberu Music), to truly help you immerse in Wraeththu society.

From the Back Cover

In the near future, humanity is in decline, ravaged by insanity, conflict, disease and infertility. 
A new race has risen mysteriously from the ghettos and ruins of the northern cities: humanity has evolved into a new species, which is stronger, sharper and more beautiful than any that have come before.
They possess psychic powers and the ability, through a process called inception, to transform humans into creatures like themselves.
They are the Wraeththu….
Destined to inherit the earth.
Humanity has only a few years left before they have lost control completely, but they will not give up without a fight.
Over the past decade, Wraeththu have begun to leave the northern cities of their 'birth', and have spread across the continent and beyond.
While many are still little more than savage barbarians, no better and in some ways worse than the race they superseded, others have become more organised.
They have glimpsed their own potential, and now want to understand and wield their unique abilities.
Some Wraeththu 'hara' have formed tribes and councils, and their originally rough settlements are becoming towns and cities.
But whether they are wild or enlightened, one thing is certain: through magic, passion and war, Wraeththu will change the face of the world forever.
What will become of them once all suitable humans have been incepted? Will they learn to reproduce amongst themselves, or are the stories of Wraeththu 'harlings' only myths and rumours? Wraeththu must learn from humanity's mistakes, or risk extinction themselves.
Their challenge is to rise above their origins, to understand who and what they are, before it is too late.
So they can become the myths and legends of the future.
This book features detailed descriptions of the eight largest Wraeththu tribes, information on the subjects of Wraeththu Psychology, Physiology, Society, History and Magic.
Also included are maps of two main continents of the Wraeththu world and guides to some of the countries, towns and cities of the hara.

About the Author

Constantine Since The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit first appeared in 1987 (and long before that), Storm Constantine's "cauldron" has produced a phantasmagoric array of creative works, everything from her best known piece, the Wraeththu trilogy, to Andrew Collins-inspired works like the Grigori trilogy and Burying the Shadow, on down to fantastic visions like Calenture, non-fiction books like Egyptian Birth Signs, and dozens of short stories.
In recent years Storm has returned to the world of Wraeththu with a roar and cry, creating a second trilogy that interlocks with and then continues the story of the original.
The Wraiths of Will and Pleasure, the first book in the series, was published in 2003 to acclaim by fans, and the second book, The Shades of Time and Memory, appeared in 2004.
The final book in the new series, The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence, is set for U.S.
and U.K.
release in 2005.
Storm has also written a new stand-alone Wraeththu novella, The Hienama, to be published this year by Immanion Press.
Storm has also been busy with conventions, after some years away.
It began in October 2003, when Storm and her friends held Grissecon 1, the first ever Wraeththu convention in Stafford, England.
This was a great success, and in 2004 was repeated as part of the huge Dragon*Con fantasy convention in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where it had its own programme track.
In 2004 Storm was "Author Guest of Honor" at Lunacon, the annual convention of the New York Science Fiction Society; Storm will make a repeat appearance in 2005 as she and associates offer more "Grissecon" programming.
Strange Gabriel has been actively role-playing for over 20 years, and hopes to continue for many more.
He started thinking about writing games over 10 years ago, however realised that though his ideas and setting were different he still needed to sample a larger range of products and gaming groups.
By chance Gabriel met Storm 4 years ago at a book signing in Birmingham, and discussed the idea, (the setting of Wraeththu was almost exactly what Gabriel's ideas had been), of a game based of her worlds.
The challenge was laid down as no one has ever managed to finish a Storm related gaming product.
A year later work started on getting Gabriel's and Storm's ideas and making them work together and as part of a coherent and fast system, and a vibrant setting, rich with details and adventure.
Over the past 3 years Gabriel, Storm and their team have been busy, running Immanion Press and writing the background and system.
Now the product is finished, many hours of work have put pay to a game which offers a new world and race to existing gamers, and an easy to understand system, that in not only fast to play, but understandable to many of those outside he gaming market.


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Comment List (Total:4)

  •     This "game" is completely pricey & completely awful in ways no sane person should be aware of. Don't buy it. It was penned by a madman who should be banned from sane society - forever. The Wraeththus (the main "characters") are absolutely unplayable, & for that matter, so are the humans (the other characters). It's a waste of dead tree pulp. I repeat: DO NOT BUY THIS; do yourself (& your sanity, a favour).
  •     I have never roleplayed, and did not buy this book for that reason. I bought it because I am deeply in love with Storm's Wraeththu universe and wanted to gather all the information I could. Therefore, I cannot speak for someone using the book to game, but as a fan I can say that this book is packed with an astounding amount of interesting information, everything a Wraeththu fan could hope to know! The content and organization of the book is a testament to how much thought Storm has put into her universe. Plus, it's filled with many awesome illustrations.If you are a Wraeththu fan interested in delving into the world of Wraeththu, this is a great book!
  •     Anticipation of the role playing game has been very high. As a long time fan and supporter of the Constantine franchise I have feverishly consumed each new book and never been let down until now. As an avid role player I became very excited to hear that Storm was releasing a Wraeththu role playing game and waited with bated breath for some fan reviews of the game. Then a friend of mine got her copy in the mail (after a very long wait) and I dug in....This game reminded me of FATAL and (laughing pan's) Deliria mixed with early Vampire Masquerade. It's very inflated and full of it's self. It seems like its trying to fill up a lot more space then it needs to.The cover art is very very plain. Its depiction of an Egyptian dagger over a symbolic Ouanalim (Wraeththu sex organ) was at first thought some inside joke, a bad choice for a cover, poorly excited and just plain bad for the design. Why wasn't a full color image of a hara used on the cover and why with all the issues Wraeththu already has, make it so inaccessible to people?The opening story isn't bad. Penned by Christopher Coyle, it takes us into the life of a nerd named Mikey. Then into how he is incepted into the Wraeththu. It takes place in the past, before the fall of man and uprising of the Wraeththu. It also has no relevance to the rest of the game book and seems very out of place. I was surprised that something like "Paragenisis" by Storm Constantine wasnt dusted off and used here since it would have been more in tune with the setting and mood.The artwork is of the highest quality in some areas, while in others it seems very crude an rushed out. Which is how the overall mechanics, rules and "Storm system" also seem. I know from various message boards that this was originally supposed to be a settings and background book for fans to write fanficton from and to fill in some of the gray areas the books have. At the last minute it was decided to turn it into a rpg, complete with rules and tables. However this seems to have been a very bad choice. In its 430 some pages this tome is for the most part useless as a game. On almost every other page you are encouraged to just throw the rules away if you like so I don't understand why they even bothered to make the rules in the first place. The background information on the Tribes is good, but wading through all the filler material, bad graphic design and margin quotes isn't.If you have the extra money and want to get this just for the pretty pictures, short story and background info (most of which you can find online anyway) then go for it. However understand that you'll provably just flip through this volume a few times then retire it to your book shelf.As a long standing fan of Wraeththu (and Storm Constantine's work) I'm very disappointed in this effort and hope that a new writing staff will be selected for future volumes. I think there is hope for this as a rpg, but its not being executed properly at the moment.
  •     If you like Storm Constantine, this is a great book. I have read it several times.

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