The Volcanoes from Puebla

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Press: iUniverse (March 27, 2001)
Publication Date:2001-4
Author Name:Gangemi, Kenneth


The Volcanoes from Puebla is an account of the authors experiences in Mexico when he was twenty-three years old. 
Originating in pocket notebooks, composed of 175 sections in alphabetical order, it is a postmodern Bildungsroman.
Part novel, memoir, autobiography, travel book, and motorcycle journal, The Volcanoes from Puebla is a poetic and sensitive appreciation of a fascinating country.Structured as an album of personal observations and vignettes, it not only reflects Mexicos own allure, but draws the reader back to its pages time and time again.
Highly recommended!Carl Franz, author of The Peoples Guide to Mexico

About the Author

Kenneth Gangemi has published one book of poetry, Lydia and four works of fiction: Olt, a novel, Corroboree, a book of nonsense, The Interceptor Pilot, a cinematic novel about Vietnam, and The Volcanoes from Puebla about living and traveling in Mexico. 
He lives in New York City, where he is working on a novel and second collection of poetry.


Travel,Mexico,General,Literature & Fiction,Contemporary

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  •     I bought this book after another trip to Mexico thinking it was about Puebla because it was the first time I had been there although I have been many places in Mexico. His observations, jotted in a casual fashion, and written as a diary were so close to my own feelings about this extraordinary country that I recommend this to anyone who has had exactly the same experiences or casual musings but had not the skill to put this into words. A great travel read!

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