Gundam Wing #3

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Press:TokyoPop TokyoPop; Gph edition (April 1, 2001)
Publication Date:2001-04-01
Author Name:Hajime Yatate & Yoshiyuki Tomino,Kouichi Tokita,Koichi Tokita


In the distant future humanity involved in a massive civil war. 
The colonies, long exploited by Earth governments, have created powerful robot fighting machines, GUNDAM, to help win independence.
Fi ve brave young Gundam pilots are the last chance for peace.
Gundam Wing is the latest series in the long running Gundam universe.
A recent phoenomenon in the US, Gundam has been voted the most popular anime series of all time in Japan.
The series and its sequel are running on Cartoon Network through 2001.


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  •     gundam wing volume 3 is action packed. Even if you've seen the episodes, it still brings suspense, holding your intrest. Good for teens, or any Gundam fan. Great animation and overall story.
  •     it was good but it was also water damaged when I got the book and had to buy a new one
  •     My review on GW #3:You must read this one! Although different from the T.V. series in that certain scenes are gone and new scenes are added, the changes make just as interesting a read as the original storyline. The end I think is better than the T.V. series', it tells more what happens to the pilots.The Domon/Gundam G comics at the end make me laugh for hours after reading them! They are hilarious!If you are a GW fan, you have to read this! Although I suggest reading the other two in the series first. :)
  •     Anyone who is looking at collecting Gundam stuff this is definetly a good manga to have in your collection. It DOESN'T follow the anime verbatim which made it interesting for me, having only seen the anime when I bought this manga series.
  •     Die-hard fans of the anime series will most likely detest this three-volume manga because of its rushed storyline and tendancy to edit scenes that are trademarks of the show. But fans who managed to get through or even liked the first two volumes will most likely find this third and final volume a fitting conclusion.All the cons mentioned before are found here, as are the pros (I won't mention them again). But here are some new thoughts on this volume. It now becomes even more suggestive (to me, at least) that this series was a "version" of the Gundam Wing storyline, not a replication as many fans wanted. It is also most likely targeted to just fans of the series, for those not familiar with the Gundam Wing universe will most likely be confused and perplexed, even with the first volume.Several changes made to the anime's storyline in the third manga volume were surprisingly good, and characterization also managed to creep in sometimes. Fight scenes tended to be a little short, but they were plentiful. Even the ending, although not consistent to the anime, was satisfactory for me. And, as before, the Domon strips in the back made me crack up and crack up hard.All in all, the third volume compliments the first two nicely. As a series, however, readers can't deny that this manga didn't stay true to the anime (a sin to some fans). This series is worth it if you don't mind the rushed storyline and odd quirks, but there are definately better and more fulfilling manga series out there, including but not limited to: "Inu-Yasha", "X/1999", "Fushigi Yuugi", "Battle Angel Alita", "Neon Genesis Evangelion", "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind", and "Galaxy Express 999".In any case, enjoy!
  •     Well over all I was very satisfied with this manga. I basically bought it because I'm a very big Gundam fan and was looking to complete my Gundam Wing manga collection. It arrived on time and in the condition to be expected, which was very good indeed.

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