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Press:Grub Street Cookery Grub Street Cookery (April 16, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-02
Author Name:Marguerite Patten


Only the most hardened dieter can resist the pleasures of afternoon tea. 
Its enjoyment, whether it is a simple slice of home-baked cake or dainty sandwiches followed by scones oozing with jam and cream, is part of our culture and is a tradition acted out each and every day in tearooms up and down the country.
This then is the perfect book for all tea-time lovers with over 100 recipes chosen by the un-crowned queen of British cookery, Marguerite Patten and is published as a tribute to and celebration of Marguerite's 90th year.
There are recipes for cakes, breads, biscuits, sandwiches and savories from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as recipes from tea times around the world.
But tea time isn't tea time without a pot of tea so the book also traces the history of our national beverage with a guide to all the different blends and styles available.


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  •     I recently ordered this book to prepare a high tea for my mother's birthday. The book is very nice with chapters ranging from the history of tea, styles and customs of teas traditional and modern, eras of teatime and how to choose teas. The recipes include Britain's time honored favorites for sweets, savories and tea recipes including how to make tea ice cream. It's a lovely present and I want one for myself. I can't wait to try the recipes and am very glad they are not too sweet. Not all Americans enjoy super sweet desserts that are unpleasant to the palate and bad for your waistline!
  •     Tea history and traditions are briefly explained, as well as regional differences in tea consumption along with regional recipes. The recipes are mostly European, however, and aren't the super-sweet dessert-type tea accompaniments many Americans may expect.
  •     I've had this book for a while now, if your looking for British teatime recipes from the UK, you won't be disappointed. A lot of these recipes are my favorites since I was a youngster.Here's what to expect:-The Pleasures of Tea Growing Tea, The History of TeaStyles and Customs Today Choosing and Using Tea A Perfect Cup of TeaServed Hot Cold and Frozen Hot drinks with alcohol, Cold drinks with alcoholHot non alcoholic drinks Cold non alcoholic drinksGood baking, freezing teatime food, modern yeast cookery, to follow recipes, teatime for slimmers, Regency teatime, Victorian teatime.Teatime in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and Nursery teatime.Teatime around the World - Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and USAHere are the cake recipes and other recipes beginning with Vicoria Teatime:-Victoria Sandwich, Madeira Cake, Battenburg Cake, Swiss Roll, Cherry Cake, Almond Macaroons, Meringues, Raisin and Orange Cake, Somerset Apple Cake and Puff Pastry.Brandy Snaps Sally Lunns, Bath Buns, Devonshire Splits, Fat Rascals, Cornish Saffron Cakes, Madeleines, Cherry Tartlets, Maids of Honor, Eccles Cakes, Macaroon Slices and Ginger Nuts.Teatime in Scotland:-Selkirk Bannock, Dundee Cake, Scotch Pancakes, Scones and Shortbread.Teatime in Wales:-Bara Brith, Bara Carane, Welsh Cakes, Teisen Berffro.Teatime in Ireland:-Irish Soda Bread, Boxty Bread, Barm Brack, Treacle Bread.Nursery Teas:-Sponge Cake, Cup Cakes. Chocolate icing and Glace icing. Gingerbread Men and Flapjacks.Teatime around the World:-Apricot Ginger Gateau, Crushed Pineapple Sponge, Passion Fruit Pavlova, Lamingtons, Chocolate Cake/Chocolate Nut Frosting, Brazil Nut Loaf, Orange Chiffon Cake, Butterscotch Cookies, Praline Puffs, Anzacs, Crystalized Fruit Cake, Coconut Fruit Cake, Banana Loaf, Hermits, Peach Meringue Gateau, Devils Food Cake, Pineapple Cake, Koecsisters, Cranberry Loaf, Lady Baltimore Cake and Ice Box Cookies.Hot High Teas:-Fish & Chips, Cornish Pasties, Dublin Bay Prawns, Champ, Scots Herrings, Arbroath Smokies, Anglesey Eggs, Welsh Rarebit and Potted Salmon.There's not many pictures, the ones that are there are very good, and it's a very well written book, with quality paper pages, and a very nice hard back with a lovely loose cover protecting it.

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