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Press:Topics Entertainment Topics Entertainment (July 1, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-7-1
Author Name:Topics Entertainment,Instant Immersion


Holiday in Honolulu? Meetings on Maui? Aloha, malihini! But why be a stranger to the cultural re-birth of the language of the Hawaiian islands? With Instant Immersion Hawaiian on 8 audio compact discs, youll bask in the language, culture, and spirit of Hawaii, providing proficiency and insights you can use on the beach or in the boardroom. 
Unique in style and comprehensive in content, this audio suite blends Hawaiian vocabulary and grammar with informative notes on each island.
Written, produced, and recorded in Hawaii, Instant Immersion Hawaiian features respected Hawaiian speakers and champions of the effort to keep this proud language alive.
Vibrant, effective, and listener-friendly, Instant Immersion Hawaiian on audio CD is the topical, tropical way to pono Hawaiian instruction.
CD 1: Introduction; The Hawaiian alphabet; Pronuciation; Greetings CD 2: The big island of Hawaii; Adjectives; Future verb form CD 3: The island of Maui; Articles; Past tense verb form CD 4: The island of O'ahu; Pronouns; Numbers; Future verb form CD 5: The island of Kaua'i; Question words; Hawaiian syntax CD 6: The island of Moloka'i; Directional words; Defining time CD 7: The island of Lan'i; colors; The human body; Common expressions CD 8: Summary of vocabulary; Lessons from previous programs

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Kaliko Beamer-Trapp and his female partner, Kiele Akana-Gooch, act as guides in this surprisingly well-done language program, which presents the history, culture, place names, and music of the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the language. 
Lessons cover the Hawaiian phonetic system, basic greetings, pronouns, verb usage, a variety of vocabulary areas, and Hawaiian syntax.
Kaliko and Kiele read the sample dialogues, giving the listener the chance to hear male and female voices in action.
The 8-disc program is also loaded with stories told in Hawaiian, which will help the listener gain an ear for the language.
As obscure as the Hawaiian language may seem to some, INSTANT IMMERSION HAWAIIAN demonstrates language learning--and teaching--at its best.
Mahalo! S.E.S.
Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award, 2005 Audie Award Winner © AudioFile 2005, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine

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  •     Excellent
  •     I ordered this CD set because I wanted a good, basic spoken Hawaiian intro. What I got was a little more challenging than what I expected. I am a relatively fluent in Spanish (a learned language, not my native tongue), and I can fake it when I'm traveling to other Romance-language countries (France, Italy), so I thought I could get the basics of another language down quickly via audio lessons. I had to listen to CD 1 and CD 2 about five times before I understood the lessons. This could be due to the fact that the CDs don't really provide grammar basics (or it could be my aging brain has lost some ability to memorize quickly). Regardless, the narrators were clear and their Hawaiian pronunciation seems authentic, so I am learning from the CDs during my driving commute. I have moved on to the next few CD's, and I have since found a book of grammar basics and a dictionary which I'll review in order to round out my language learning. For the price of the set, I still think it was a worthwhile purchase.
  •     Love it
  •     I actually like this CD series but it is VERY intense and I don't like that each CD has nothing to do with the prior CD and they are not related or review or even apply what you previously learned. Additionally after the 1st CD each one goes into a story, in Hawaiian, which I don't understand and they never translate.
  •     Excellent lesson plan. All you need is a long drive to work and back and you will be speaking Hawaiian in no time, effortlessly.
  •     I have tried other CD's for learning Hawaiian and found that this one, Instant Immersion Hawaiian, has been most helpful. Mahalo.
  •     It's great, I listen to it every chance I get, the hard part is no one on my block to speak with. :)I've learn to say a lot of stuff and know one knows what am saying.
  •     this is excellent in content but the accent of male speaker is a bit distracting and i am hawaiian from hawaii. i would prefer a native hawaiian accent.
  •     If you have the diligence to listen through all of the discs, it really does give you a feel for the Hawaiian language. I haven't been able to use much of the knowledge that I have, except for being able to partially translate a few Hawaiian songs, but I still enjoy listening to the language and story parts.
  •     Fast delivery. Just as advertised.
  •     I have almost all of the Hawaiian language courses you can get, some are excellent programs but very basic, some aren't worth having at all. This one is somewhere between.
  •     Stated well enough, but gets a little tedious as it continues.
  •     I found 4 great tools for learning Hawaiian, at Amazon. Your success in learning will depend on using them in the right order. They're all great in their own ways.Beginner level1. "Learn Hawaiian at Home", by Kahikahealani WightIf you're new to the language, this book will walk you patiently through all the basics. Slow? Yes. But it was just what I needed. There are two cassette tapes included, with all the vocabulary, dialogs, reading material and even songs! I found the package reasonably priced.Beginner to intermediate2. "Ka Lei Ha'aheao--Beginning Hawaiian", by Alberta Pualani HopkinsFor continuing what you learned in "Learn Hawaiian at Home", this is an excellent book. It will take you all the way through all the Hawaiian grammar, and there are lots and lots of dialogs, giving variations on what you learn.The downside? Cassette tapes are available, and I know my progress would be much faster if I had the big bucks to buy them. I don't.Intermediate to advanced3. Instant Immersion CDGood points: Very natural-sounding Hawaiian, and lots of itDownside: If you're a beginner, this will knock the wind out of your sails. The lessons have reading passages, some with very difficult grammar.No printed matter comes with the CDs. You have to download it from the internet.Some vocabulary from the lessons are NOT explained. You'll need a big Pukui-Elbert Hawaiian Dictionary to find out the meanings. Not exactly user-friendly!Still, if you love hearing the lilt of Hawaiian spoken as much as I do, you may opt to get this.Intermediate to advanced4. "Let's Speak Hawaiian" by Dorothy M. Kahananui & Alberta P. AnthonyToo difficult for beginners, as it was for me! Explanations are minimal. An exorbitantly-priced tape set is available, but I couldn't afford it.I was always frustrated with myself for not being able to understand this book. However, after doing a fair amount of learning through the first two books given above, I found that "Let's Speak Hawaiian" is a wonderful extension to what I know. Get this one last!
  •     is better go in person and talk to locals . mahalo.

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