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Press:VIZ Media LLC VIZ Media LLC; UK edition (November 18, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-10-21
Author Name:Kubo, Tite


Get the inside scoop on Bleach! This profile books contains extensive information on the characters and story lines from Bleach vols. 
It also includes exclusive stickers, a poster, bonus manga, the original Bleach one shot, and an interview with Tite Kubo! Come explore the world of Bleach! Ichigo Kurosaki never asked for the ability to see ghosts--he was born with the gift.
When his family is attacked by a Hollow--a malevolent lost soul--Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper, dedicating his life to protecting the innocent and helping the tortured spirits themselves find peace.
Find out why Tite Kubo's Bleach has become an international manga smash-hit!


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     The book was Great to have if u already have the fist box set 1-21 it answers alot of qestion from there
  •     This is a great book for people who have read the Bleach series or for people who haven't read the whole series. I myself hadn't read the whole series when I bought this book. Bleach SouLs contains many of the storylines, which was something I wasn't expecting. It gives out a bunch of information about the characters general stats, notes about Karakura town and Soul Society, and has an interview of Tite Kubo(creator) and Masakazu Morita(japanese voice actor of Ichigo Kurosaki). There's also bonus manga and color illustrations in the front of the book. Unfortuneately, the book is a bit dated, so many of what has already happened in the manga has not been updated in Bleach SouLs. But overall, it was a worthwhile buy. I just hope that they can make a new edition containing all the Arrancar and Vizard info. :D
  •     The book (Bleach SOULs. Official Character Book) is a GREAT book with memorable scenes from the manga and it literally gives you ALL the details of what has happened in the manga from chapters 1-20. I MUST buy for those who don't really "understand" bleach, or just for collectors/fans :P it also has a SUPER SPECIAL secret chapter in the BACK of the book which is the ALTERNATIVE BEGINNING to the whole series... pretty interesting, but then again "in my opinion" not as good as the one now. :P
  •     First let me state that I am a fan of Bleach. Having said that the book is a perfect companion to Bleach its full of fun facts great artwork ! and you may even find something's you did know. The included stickers and poster are fun as well I've seen some complain about them but its ment to be fun. I very much enjoyed Bleach SOULs and highly recommend it to even moderit fans of Bleach.
  •     The person I bought this for said this was an excellent gift! They loved it!
  •     How do I even begin to describe how happy I am with this product!? The cover is Beautiful, the color pages are breath taking and the contents itself is fantastic!!
  •     This book is a data book that contains information of the characters and settings in the anime and manga. It contains stickers and a mini poster.
  •     every good boy deserves fudge
  •     Its just fun and well done. Great fan fiction.
  •     perfect condition everything i expected
  •     Let me start by saying this book is informative... but, I really wouldn't recommend it unless you really love bleach. Most of the information in the book bleach fans will already know. There are some bonus stories that no true bleach fan will want to miss and an interview with Tite Kubo. The poster is small as to be expected and the stickers are well stickers. The real problem I saw with this book is that it's thrown together rather haphazardly making it hard to use as a reference tool, if it weren't for the index (which isn't at the very end, it's on page 272 of this 328 page book) the book would be useless for such purposes. Add to that the lack of a table of contents and you have total break down of organization. The book introduces some main characters then locations, then comic relief characters, then random unimportant enemies, then background story. It doesn't flow well at all. If you're looking for a reference, stick with internet searches. Overall, this book is a good read for true bleach fans it's just not a good character book.
  •     Nice book.
  •     I love this art book
  •     To describe it, I need to start by saying that the cover is sooooo beautiful! the quality of it is just amazing :) the colors and everything else! so before even starting to read youre gonna feel impressed! it covers the beginning of the manga series from volume 1 to 21. there are so many extra things you get too! a mini cute poster of renji and ichigo fighting and some stickers! and an interview with Tite Kubo and much more! you can get many extra info about the characters you like :) so just get it! it would be nice to add it to your collection!
  •     This is the sort of book you want if you're bent on 100% completion for your BLEACH collection. There is lots of good content and art to be had, but is probably better for the fan rather than the beginning BLEACH reader.There is color art from selected volumes of the serialization, and a cool little sticker sheet. Some of the stickers are in Japanese with no translation, but are still a neat bonus (purification charms, including the famous "Bohahahah!" and Renji's trademark "Mi~tsuketa!" are what I can manage to read). The lack of translation kind of bugged me since Viz is usually good about slipping in translations with the terms they don't translate, but it's just a sticker sheet, so no big deal (more on the editing later). There's a good interview with Kubo Tite and the Japanese voice actor for Ichigo at the end, and a smattering of bonus content featured in the serialization that isn't printed in the bound volumes.The book consists of what one reviewer described as "Cliffs notes." I think that's a fair description. That being said, I had the impression the book is written for the reader who's gone through the series and paid attention, and not for someone looking to get into the series for the first time. A newcomer to the series will probably find this book less interesting. It's the difference between show and tell: The book tells details of the plot and character traits and relationships, but this format lacks the dynamism and active development of the actual manga. Not to say a newbie couldn't read this book and get a good summary of the first story arc (vols. 1-21), but a reader will probably derive more enjoyment reading this book after reading the manga at least once.I thoroughly enjoyed the way this book brings little nuances in the plot and characters to light, and liked all the little 4-panel extras interspersed through the volume. The one-shot pilot manga is particularly fun, both to see how BLEACH might have been (mini-Rukia?!), and how far the style of the art has progressed. One particular connection that never occurred to me and that I was excited to discover, was how the relationship between Ichigo's father, Isshin, and Uryu's father, Ryuken, comes to light as early as the end of volume 2. These bits of "Aha!" info are what I really loved most about this book.The overall editing of the book is just a bit dodgy. As I mentioned, Viz doesn't always provide the English translations for the terms for which it uses the original Japanese, unlike in the manga. So you may find yourself wondering, "What's the Soukyoku, again? What's Sogyo no Kotowari mean?" You can easily figure out the terms in context, but it would've been nice for them to include the English equivalent (even if Viz's translations are a bit iffy sometimes... see the list of original Japanese titles and their English equivalents in the back of this book for examples...). On top of that, there are words missing from panels from time to time, some inconsistencies with the manga details, and one glaring instance where a whole paragraph is duplicated on two different pages. It looks like someone copied and pasted and then forgot about it, and I kind of doubt that was a mistake in the original that Viz just translated and ignored. It's mostly a personal nit-pick - but having lived through the years when a good library of licensed manga was nearly impossible to come by, it's kind of disappointing when these "new-fangled" publishers turn out errors like that.In spite of that, this is a fun book, especially if you've already read the first arc and enjoyed it. Definite must-have for you completionists, and you'll have a lot of fun pouring through it.
  •     This was a fun book to read. It had insights in the Bleach world that you don't get to find out about in either the Manga or the Anime. Things like peoples grades in school to where everything is located and some of the more complex rules concerning souls and Shinigamis. I was a bit disappointed that it didn't cover more of the series. This basically stays in the story line of the Anime's first season. It also didn't have an index or anything. The information is scattered throughout the book with very little in the way of order. I did still enjoy the book and recommend it to other Bleach fans.
  •     I bought this the graphics although black and white are full of info any Bleach fan would want this amazing book!
  •     I misunderstood what this item was. I thought that it would show clear, colored drawings of each characteralong with descriptions of that character.

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