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Press: Chronicle Books (April 2008)
Author Name:Yan, Martin


The world's foremost expert on Chinese cooking is back with a brand-new cookbook to whet the appetite of anyone who's ever picked up a pair of chopsticks. 
As the companion volume to the PBS series, Martin Yan's China brings the ancient country's beauty to the table with gorgeous dishes, breathtaking photographs, and fascinating information about the food, history, and culture of China.
Just in time for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Yan is poised to charm and entice a new generation of readers with his expert knowledge of Chinese traditions and his flair for Asian cuisine.
As always, Yan's 100 recipes introduce new flavors and techniques to the kitchen, yet are simple enough for any home cook to effortlessly embark on a culinary journey through China.

About the Author

Martin Yan is the author of numerous cookbooks on Asian cuisine and the host of over 2,000 cooking show episodes, including the famed Yan Can Cook. 
The James Beard Award-winning chef resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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Comment List (Total:14)

  •     I'm a big fan of Martin Yan's cook books and this cook book is just another example of why I like them so much. Great recipes that are very easy to follow. But Martin also intermixes great annecdotes throughout the book which make browsing through it while looking for recipes a real pleasure.
  •     Martin Yan has long been one of my personal culinary heroes. His story of leaving China to come to the west brought him first to Canada, a logical step considering it to be aligned to the UK, then to the US. All that time Yan cooked, and to great him tell it, that's what his uncle expected from him.Yan's recipes are at once both approachable and doable. His techniques teach the reader (student) how to prep, apply those techniques for stir frying, steaming and roasting, as well as the layering of flavors. All in all, Yan brings China to North America.
  •     I love how this cookbook has recipes for specific sauces, allowing the chef to determine the rest of the ingredients in the meal. The sauces have a great, authentic taste. Easily adaptable to vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. Great book, highly recommend!
  •     Loved the sauces recipes and techniques. Easy to follow.Not long and involved. Gets the dinner on the table without having to prepare days in advance.I have been a fan of Martin Yan's cooking for 35 years and even got to see him make dishesin person at Macy's back in the 1970's.
  •     Martin Yan knows exactly how to cook excellent Chinese Food. The Yunnan province is a lot different than Guangzhou so it was fun to learn a different area and their culture.
  •     I was hoping this book had more about the areas visited than it does. It accompanies the TV program but it isn't as informative as I had hoped.
  •     I've a new appreciation for Chinese cooking and respect for the amount of care that goes into some of the simplest looking dishes.
  •     This cookbook was a pretty interesting read, and most of the recipes are pretty easy to recreate at home for someone without an extensive Asian pantry.
  •     I have most of Martin Yan's books and feel that he has a great style and amazing knowledge of the subject of Chinese Cooking. I have spent most of my life as a Chef and now as a Culinary Arts Instructor and find the concepts in Martin's books to be very thorough and filled with ideas that spark the imagination and a further study of the subject.
  •     I like Yan's style and recipes. I have several of his cookbooks, but this is not one of his best cookbooks. The price was right!!
  •     simplistic and recipes lack creativity
  •     Martin Yan is one of our favorites, and my old man does great stuff with these recipes. We grab Yan's books whenever we can find them at reasonable prices. These are must haves if you yearn to create good Chinese food without having to go to cooking school to figure it out!
  •     Wonderful recipes and the photography is outstanding. I love his take on his sauces, flavored oils and most of his recipes are easy enough for the average home cook. I'm lucky to be in LA so most all the ingredients are readily available if you know where to look.I love how he takes several of the classic/basic sauces and "kicks them up a notch" adding some extra layers of flavor. I can't wait to try some of his recipes.Being Cantonese, I mostly only dined on Cantonese Chinese food, so it is great to see the many dishes from other regions of China. For the last 4-5 years, I've been trying out the flavors and foods of the other regions of China in the restaurants of So. Calif.I also enjoy the tibits of history, etiquette and the gorgeous photography showing off both both classic dishes and modern dishes and plating techniques. This is a cook book that you are really cook out of and use regularly.Really a Grand Slam home run of a Chinese cook book.
  •     Martin Yan's ideas on preparation of sauces in advance are wonderful, easy, and delicious. His advise on stocking your pantry is essential in preparing his recipes. My family and I have tried several recipes in this book and we find them easy and delicious.

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