Solutions Manual to accompany Principles of Corporate Finance

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Press:McGraw-Hill/Irwin McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 7 edition (November 26, 2002)
Publication Date:2002-11-26
Author Name:Richard A Brealey,Stewart C Myers
Edition:7th Edition


Includes solutions to all Practice Problems and Challenge Problems from the text.


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     Essential if you are trying to learn on your own. The text book does not come with soluitions to problems so this solutions manual is essential. Did not give it the full 5 starts becasue I have seen a couple of calculation errors.
  •     Great tool. It was helpful to have all of the chapters at my fingertips for reference. Being able to refer to other examples and appendices was invaluable to understanding the concepts.
  •     There are several mistakes on the solutions of the textbook. The most of the exersises they are not explained with enough detail. In some cases there is not correct matching with the exersises of the book. However it is a useful help to study the book
  •     this solutions manual is very helpful when i wan taking my Corporate Finance subject during i was taking my MBA!
  •     USPS took 3 1/2 weeks to deliver. Pay for the extra shipping to get product in a timely manner.
  •     The solution's manual is just as full of MISTAKES as the book itself - one huge catastroph that should be forbidden for any serious student of Corporate Finance. Scandal!
  •     a couple of days late in terms of the date i expected it to show up - but in perfect condition. The book is really useful if you're working on the problems a lot.
  •     I bought this book thinking that it would help me verify the answers, but in fact there are too many errors in the book. I have found a lot of problems out of sequence, and a lot of them not properly done. I have contacted the author to mention about the errors but haven't heard from him yet.
  •     they have comprehensive answer for most of challenge quiz questions. But still, I don't know where i can find the answer for mini-quiz...
  •     Book was deleivered at a lightning speed. Very much impressed. Would always buy from this dealer. We need more business people like yourself out there.
  •     If you buy the textbook and intend to the do problems, you will want the solutions manual. Trust me. The explanations are very detailed - it will help you learn.
  •     Ignore the guys complaining about the odd wrong answer and ignore the guys complaining about Brealey & Meyers.Let's face it: "Principles..." is THE book in educational finance; and most likely, if you're reading this review you haven't chosen the book on your own accord but rather it was chosen for you on your M.Sc. or the like. And now you're wondering about buying the solutions manual...So, why do the exercises? Well, it's the only way to learn finance. The book is good, but having gone through it and the quiz questions, you might think "Was that all? I could pass an exam with one hand tied to my back." (I know I did...) So you need the exercises to get you down from that pedestal and get you to LEARN finance (!). The questions are good and varied and get you to think about the concepts, formulas etc. They are in general better and more advanced than the quiz Qs. And if you can't figure out all the questions on your own then a book with solutions is quite handy.Only problem is that it's a bit expensive considering it's only a solutions manual. But a good buy nonetheless!
  •     What can you do? The text itself has no answers to the practice questions, many of which are not really straightforward. The solutions manual has a number of errors (I've found an average of at least 2 per chapter, and I'm sure I don't catch them all), but for the most part puts you on the right path.The text is nearly useless without the solutions manual, so I guess you need this; read carefully and think deeply when an answer doesn't make sense -- it may be you, or it may be the manual.I can't believe Brealey had much to do with this book -- it suffers from the sloppiness you'd expect from an underpaid grad student. Based on my experiences in grad school, I'd bet most of my net worth that Brealey had little to do with the actual writing of the "solutions" here.

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