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Press: Zondervan (July 17, 2007)
Author Name:Hybels, Bill


When Leadership and Discipleship Collide Using stories from his own life and ministry, Bill Hybels shows how the laws for leadership success can sometimes crash headlong into another reality: an inner prompting of the Spirit showing you a different approach. 
The decisions you make at that point could affect not only you, but the ultimate destiny of those you lead.

About the Author

Bill Hybels is the founding and senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Ill., and chairman of the board for the Willow Creek Association. 
The bestselling author of more than twenty books, including Leadership Axioms, Holy Discontent, Just Walk Across the Room, The Volunteer Revolution, and Courageous Leadership, and classics such as Too Busy Not to Pray and Becoming a Contagious Christian, Hybels is known worldwide as an expert in training Christian leaders to transform individuals and their communities through the local church.
He and his wife, Lynne, have two adult children and two grandsons, Henry and Mac.
SPANISH BIO: Bill Hybels es el fundador y pastor principal de la Iglesia Comunitaria de Willow Creek en South Barrington, Illinois., y presidente de la junta de la Asociacion Willow Creek.
Es autor de mas de veinte libros exitosos, entre los que se encuentran Axioma, Divina Insatisfaccion, Simplemente acercate a ellos, La revolucion de los voluntarios, Liderazgo audaz, y clasicos como Muy ocupados para no orar y Como ser un cristiano contagioso.
Bill Hybels es reconocido mundialmente por capacitar a lideres cristianos en cursos de entrenamiento que buscan transformar a los individuos y sus comunidades mediante la iglesia local.
Tiene un titulo en Estudios Biblicos y un doctorado honorario de Estudios Teologicos de Trinity College de Deerfield, Illinois.
el y su esposa, Lynne, tienen dos hijos adultos y un nieto.


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  •     Church leaders are often led to believe that keeping the laws of leadership are as sacred as keeping the commandments of Christ. While the laws of leadership most often have no conflict with what Christ would have us do, there are times when they conflict. This book, although short and a quick read, will help the reader rethink their priorities and especially to ask themselves the question, "What if . . .?" Bill Hybels does a great job of relating personal experiences to the subject.
  •     A cute, little 68 page book, it's a single concept, basically a sermon, that you can read in less than an hour.Hybels begins with a look at the leadership "foibles" of Jesus, the many times Jesus violated specific, clear, and time-tested rules of leadership, slowing the momentum of his own ministry, starting controversies where he didn't need to and such. Then Hybels goes through a list of his own leadership mistakes, some big risks that he took and sometimes paid for.However, the gist and punch line of the book (page 57 and following) is that when the Holy Spirit tells you to contradict rules of leadership, you should do it. The book announces strongly that you should trust the Bible over your instincts and the Holy Spirit over your training.My first reaction was that it was too short to make for a legitimate book, but when I think of a number of largely secular business leaders that I know, who have only a loose affiliation with the church, it occurs to me that this might be sufficiently concise and to the point that they might actually give it a try. So in the end, I suspect it will prove a worthwhile tool.James W. Miller is the author ofGod Scent: A Devotional
  •     Hybels is one of my favorite writers/leaders and I am always inspired and challenged when I read his stuff. It's no different after reading "When Leadership and Discipleship Collide."Even though this book is quite short, it's packed with a very important message that addresses the question: "What do you do when the laws of leadership collide with the teachings of Christ?"Hybels certainly uplifts the importance of leadership, but in those times where what God calls you to do collides with known/trust leadership laws, Hybels encourages leaders to choose God's way/discipleship every time. Hybels highlights the ministry of the Holy Spirit to help in this endeavor.Today, I wrote a more in-depth review on my blog (click on my name/profile to find my link).
  •     So inspiring that I ordered Bill Hybels book Courageous Leadership
  •     This book is now sold as part of the bookThe Call to Lead: Following Jesus and Living Out Your Mission. This essay by Hybels is joined by essays from Dan Allendar and John Ortberg.I like this essay by Hybels about instances when leadership principles have conflicted with his responsibility to follow Jesus. I require it for my leadership courses at Bethel Seminary.
  •     When Leadership and Discipleship Collide by Bill Hybles focuses on taking the modern "laws of leadership," rethinking this, and acting upon what truly matters when it comes to the decision of discipleship or what we think are the "laws of leadership." Many of these laws are derived from modern business practices and scholarship have infiltrated the church and some have robbed many Christians from the blessings of true godly leadership which thrives on glorifying God and the discipleship of His children. Hybles sets out to show that when "the human laws of leadership and the scriptural demands of discipleship do collide, decide on the side of discipleship every time" (50).Hybles does a wonderful job of breaking down some of the "leadership laws" and showing that when it comes to Christ, His leadership broke those laws every time. The first law is what Hybles calls, "Building a Team of Highly Qualified Leaders." This is probably one of the most understood and utilized laws for Westerners today. The Western mindset is set on building a strong team and is usually focused on those we conceder to be the best of the best. However, Hybles points out the Jesus does not follow this law in anyway whatsoever. "No, Jesus goes out and instead gathers a rather motley crew of commercial fishermen. The majority of them are untrained, uncouth, and underage. Some have hot tempers, others have questionable business practices, and not one has evangelistic experience" (13). This is not how modern Church leadership practices are followed in many circles today.The next law is to "Keep Up the Momentum." This is the law that modern leaders understand to be one of the crucial aspect of leadership. When things are hot, keep going along with what is keeping it hot. However, Hybles again points out that when Jesus was gathering great crowds and people from all over were coming to listen, be healed, have evil spirits cast out, and hear His preaching, Jesus just goes away. "Jesus actually withdraws from all the action; he goes off alone to a solitary place to reflect and spend some quality time in prayer" (14). Again, in modern leadership, this would be considered a major mistake and probably a sign of weakness, but this is Jesus and this is what He chooses to do.Several other laws which Hybles points to are "Propagate Good Press," or when people have something good to say let them, but again in Mark 1:41 Jesus finished healing someone and said to him, "see that you don't tell this to anyone." "Avoid Unnecessary Controversy," is the ever so loved attempt by many to keep everyone happy and trying not to stir up unnecessary controversy at all costs. However, Hybles show an event that took place on the Sabbath when Jesus and his disciples were walking through a grain field and the disciples start to eat some of the grain. This upset the Pharisees and brought about controversy that could have been avoided by choosing a different day to go on a walk. Other laws, which Hybles covers are "Leverage Time and Influence," "Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You and "Avoid Sensational Exploits."Each of the leadership laws are, as Hybles points out, things which man has learned over the years and has understood as beneficial to good leadership, but not biblical. They can coexist and, if the Bible is used as first priority, be quite beneficial to the church. Those who have learned to use these laws guided only by the word of God are the leaders in which Christian men and women should look toward and learn all we can. As Hybles said, "I believe that theology and the laws of leadership can synergize beautifully, catalyzing growth at exponential rates in churches, ministries, and business... get near leadership who are more advanced than you are. Keep growing. Keep challenging yourself! Keep getting better!"One of the greatest lessons in this book is when Hybles says, "In those rare cases when the human laws of leadership and the scriptural demands of discipleship do collide, decide on discipleship every time." This teaching is found throughout the life of Christ and is the direction to where Hybles is trying to take his readers. God's word must take precedence over everything and allowing our lives to be lead by the Holy Spirit, even when others might not agree, must be first and foremost in all things. However, in the ever changing and fast-paced world of ours, this truth of discipleship over leadership is quickly becoming like a lost relic. I believe that our world demands quick decisions based on the overall comforts of the masses and when leaders do practice this counter cultural teaching they can find themselves being cast out like stray dogs. It is truly a pray of mine that more Christian leaders would follow such sound advice.Overall, I found this to be a wonderful resource and one that I am happy to add into my library. The book is quite small and can be read in one sitting. Hybles does a wonderful job of looking over our modern beliefs of what it takes to be a successful leader and ties the biblical truth in very well. His writing is enjoyable and keeps everything flowing in the right direction. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick read on good Christian leadership principles.

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