Beyond Panini (Beyond Series)

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Press: Silverback Books (March 2006)
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Panini sandwiches are just as healthy and convenient as normal sandwiches, but the ingredients revolve around luscious breads topped with healthy Mediterranean staples such as olive oil, garlic, vegetables, fish, low-fat ham, and tasty cheeses. 
Ingredients are available at any local supermarket, and these tasty combinations can be made in minutes.
Try a new panini sandwich every day!


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  •     el libro es pequeño, de 120 paginas, pero viene con fotos grandes a todo color y con recetas ricas y diferentes, me gusto mucho, tiene una buena clasificacion de recetas: tramezzini, crostini, bruschetta y panini.
  •     White and Wheat sandwich bread sandwiches are called by the Italian name, Tramezzini. Big whoop. OMG! 3 out of the 7 Tramezzini recipes call for 1/2 cup of mayonnaise. Another few call for 1/2 cups of yogurt, creme fraiche, ricotta, or goat cheese. One sandwich calls for both 1/2 cup of Mayo, and 1/2 cup of yogurt. These are un-toasted sandwiches, whose claim to fame is that they are cut in triangles. /(- -)\Next up are Crostini, which the books says are open-faced pieces of bread brushed with olive oil before toasting, then topping. The first 2 recipes of the Crostini section are devoted to what looks like garlic bread-- partially sliced, slathered with garlic parsley butter, with the second recipe including also a little tapenade. The next 2 recipes are devoted to chopped tomato toppings, classico and plain with garlic and olive oil. Most don't need recipes for this stuff. Then a Crostini topped with tapenade, which uses black pitted olives for the tapenade, and then seems to only garnish with green olives with pimentoes, but instructions are unclear, so half of the green olives could have been incorporated in the tapenade. Hmmm. I would not vouch for that tapenade recipe. Then 3 fish topped crostini, the last one being canned tuna crostini which looks like something a school cafeteria might try to get kids to eat more fresh veggies. Unappetizing unless you love canned tuna.The last category before getting to the Panini, is the open-faced Bruschetta. These recipes are the best in the book. At least they are made with crusty Italian bread, grilled, then rubbed with garlic, drizzled with olive oil, salted and maybe peppered, then topped. 3 recipes across 6 pages for simple tomato toppings. All the rest have tomato toppings but with other things. Some are just a little less simple. Some are layered architectural creations. They don't look bad. At least the cheese is melted. The first is a low rise classic Rustica of chopped tomatoes and onions. The remaining 7 Bruschetta recipes are pretty, might be yummy, but are too tall to eat gracefully. Everyone will have food all over their faces and tomato juice and parts all over their clothes. ;-)Of 30 so-called Panini recipes, about 5 are what most of us think of as Panini. Hot smooshed gooey sandwiches. The book makes the point that most of us don't realize that Panini just means small bread and that Panini can be cold.Even the 5 or so hot smooshed in Panini Grill sandwiches were kinda disappointing. The first was the Ahi Tuna Panino--nothing more than seared Ahi (tuna) in Italian bread with Mayo and Mustard, salt and pepper. Another was ham and cheese, and one was tomato and mozzarella. Then a chicken Panino with tons of herbed mayo. The last was a smoked salmon and cream cheese with lettuce on baguette. The Panini Grill used for that one is huge. The baguette looks like it is about 16 " long.Then there was a Bruschetta recipe passing as a Panino-- a single piece of bread grilled first then topped with fruit, cheese and prosciutto, then broiled. The 24 remaining Panini appear to be cold sandwiches, some of which may be heated, but which appear to be photographed cold indicating that maybe they are better served cold.The cold Panini include things like Waldorf Salad, BLT, Italian Cold Cuts like salami and cheese, Mortadella (like bologna)/Brie/Avo with cranberry relish on the side.My copy of this book is headed for the used-book store.

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