Don't Know Much About Mythology

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Press:Random House Audio Random House Audio; Unabridged edition (November 8, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-11-08
Author Name:Kenneth C. Davis


Employing the popular Don't Know Much About® style, with its familiar question-and-answer format, DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT MYTHOLOGY will explore the myths of the world, their impact on history, and their continuing role in our lives. 
It will offer listeners a wide-ranging, comprehensive, entertaining and listenable survey of the great myths of world civilizations, how they came to be, what they meant to the people who created them, how they influenced society, literature and art through history, and how they still speak to us today.
Mythology is alive today in our art, literature, theatre, dreams, psychology--and certainly our language.
"Pandora's Box," "Golden Fleece," "Labor of Hercules," and "Wheel of Fortune" are just a few of the words and phrases that come from a world of mythology and still color our speech.
Using humor, contemporary references, and anecdotal material from mythology, extensive research based on recent archaeology which often reveals the history behind mythology and surprising information that breaks down conventional wisdom, DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT MYTHOLOGY will ultimately be about stories--the great and timeless tales that have fascinated people around the planet for several millennia.From the Compact Disc edition.

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When author Kenneth Davis asks and answers questions about the myths themselves-the weird stories, the odd names, and the animals created by mix and match-the Don't Know Much About format works well. 
In these sections John Lee's delivery is lively.
The brief "mythic voices" sections, which share translated portions of the actual myths, provide a nice rhythm.
However, despite Lee's informed but conversational delivery, the book drags at times.
Davis's theoretical explanations of mythology are wordy and lack rhythm.
There's nothing Lee can do to make these sections easy listening, and when Lee reads one of Davis's timelines, it becomes nothing more than a recitation of facts.
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  •     AND MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE...So much knowledge to capture in one's brain when there is housework to do, dinner to get on the table, grocery shopping and a book to finish based on anthropo-logic. How on earth can a woman get all that done...(in her senior years)? I've dreamed of an 'enriched' senior life with good books, good music, stories and tales from all over the world highlighting what people do, feel, make and believe in. Ahhh, life's dramas! (Life's soap operas!) And, myths are a people's soap opera and dramas.Let me just say this especially in modern times when supra-intellectuals are bound to say that 'folk' are just base thinkers and there's not much to their thinking that is not 'base': I want to say that myths are to the mind and soul what air is to the lungs. Humans have to develop their myths to live by...(as it is inferred in this audio presentation): Myths provide a population of people with purpose and meaning: sight, insight, wisdom, humor, criticism and complaint as well as solutions. Myths explain Reality; myths provide characters and characterizations for reality and explain what is going on and why. Myths provide answers to our human(e) quagmires and inquires. "Enquiring minds want to know?" Well, inquiring minds also create the answers and how they want them to be mythical through the workings, creation and development of myths. We are actually and literally living today through thousands-of-year-old myths. The ancient myths provide solace for our minds, they make sane the crazy mind and strengthens our modern-day stream of consciousness by polishing it to a luminous glow. Ohhh...I can just see the next modern graduates from America's top universities on a talk show on tv declaring that myths are made up and don't have a grain of scientific proof in them so myths are all false premises and only science has provided some proof of what it espouses as knowledge. Well, the ancient and modern myth-makers are likely to muse, "Science nurtures one part of our mind and soul but myth nurtures every aspect of our being."In the afternoon, in the early hours of the morning before sunrise; near bedtime, at bedtime, these discs have been in my cd players providing me with the joy of knowledge for my anthropo-logic inquiries. I dreamed of a 'charmed life' in my senior years and this is the kind of activity I dreamed of having on a daily basis. These discs are like a trip on a magic carpet back in times. I am very appreciative of this product. [I am also equally enthalled with the works of Joseph Campbell, the greatest mythologist in modern times. He has passed on but he still lives through his mythological works.]--MO
  •     great product and customer service!
  •     A delightful book that explores various civilizations mythology--written with a certain tongue in cheek wit and cheekiness. Not the dry MYTHOLOGY of my high school days by Edith Hamilton. This answers questions (posed by author) that we all wonder about.
  •     Mr. Davis rocks! Get for my long road trips.
  •     This book is truly comprehensive when it comes to what the cover promises. A lot of books that promise to include everything you need to know or everything you should know or some other catch phrase like that just fall flat and don't deliver on their promise. This author has truly given the reader a lot to think about after reading this work. This book is interesting, well arranged and is obviously well researched.There are a couple of formatting issues in the book, but for the most part they are easily overlooked with the impressive collection of information the author has presented. I wasn't sure if I would like this book. It begins with a somewhat lengthy intro, but even that was better than I expected it might be. This author is passionate about the subject they presented and that it apparent in the quality of the literature. I liked it a lot and definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Mythology. Great book.
  •     Arrived quickly. Interesting book that tell what some of the base origins of the history of mythology that we take as fact today. The reader has a deep voice which makes the story sound as if the information is coming from above. Just remember that Kenneth Davis's books are not something that you can read or listen to in one sitting. His books have so much information that it is almost impossible to understand it all at once. It is something you want to use as a reference.

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