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Press:For Dummies For Dummies; 1 edition (April 27, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-04-06
Author Name:Carol Baroudi,Jeffrey Hill,Arnold Reinhold,Jhana Senxian
Edition:1st Edition


Green technology is not only good for the environment; it’s also good for your bottom line. 
If your organization is exploring ways to save energy and reduce environmental waste, Green IT For Dummies can help you get there.
This guide is packed with cost-saving ways to make your company a leader in green technology.
The book is also packed with case studies from organizations that have gone green, so you can benefit from their experience.
You’ll discover how to: Perform an energy audit to determine your present consumption and identify where to start greening Develop and roll out a green technology project Build support from management and employees Use collaboration tools to limit the need for corporate travel Improve electronic document management Extend hardware life, reduce data center floor space, and improve efficiency Formalize best practices for green IT, understand your company’s requirements, and design an infrastructure to meet them Make older desktops and lighting fixtures more efficient with a few small upgrades Lower costs with virtual meetings, teleconferences, and telecommuting options Reduce your organization’s energy consumption You’ll also learn what to beware of when developing your green plan, and get familiar with all the terms relating to green IT.
Green IT For Dummies starts you on the road to saving money while you help save the planet.

About the Author

Carol Baroudi is a Research Director at the Aberdeen Group. 
Jeffrey Hill has nearly 30 years of experience in all facets of IT.
Arnold Reinhold has more than 30 years of experience as a software consultant.
Jhana Senxian specializes in social and environmentally oriented business practices.


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  •     If you are directly responsible for IT planning or just want to learn more about it, Green IT For Dummies gives you the clear, complete practical and specific information you need to save energy in your computing infrastructure.I like the way the book walks you through the why's and how's of creating a more Green (more efficient and less costly) IT operation. The book covers:- The benefits of Green IT- How to determine your current IT energy costs and efficiency- How to develop, market, and implement a Green IT strategy- How to get down in the trenches and get more processing per Kilowatt hour- How to use IT power to save energy throughout the business by reducing paper, reducing travel- How to motivate the work force to take part- How to monitor progress and manage the planThe topics covered go all the way from "big iron" server farms to desktops, from CPU RAM Virtualization to saving money and energy on toner cartridges and paper. The book does sites specific brand names, specific web URL's for further reference,. and gives you the information you need to actually get the job done.It is a readable, practical guide that will be pretty well dog eared and scribbled on as you go about planning and implementing a Green IT strategy.
  •     I got it be for the time that I expect

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