America's Most Wanted Fifth Grader

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Press:Scholastic Paperbacks Scholastic Paperbacks (April 1, 1997)
Publication Date:1-Apr-97
Author Name:Array


Unable to believe their luck when they read an ad that claims  they can make $5000 in a month, Robert and Margaret Anne find  themselves involved in a swindling operation selling cash-in-advance  cookies.


Children's Books,Mysteries & Detectives,Humor,Literature & Fiction

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  •     Jan Lawrence is a magnificant author!!!!!!!! This book is about 2 kids, Rob and Max. They are full of money-making schemes. But then one of them gets them into BIG trouble. Read this book, and you'll find yourself right there with all the characters. I highly reccomend it. Also, check out Jan Lawrence's other bool, The Revenge of The Substitute Teacher, It's greeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  •     The book called America`Wanted Fifth-Garders by Jan Lawrence and Linda Raskin is so great. It`s about a boy named Robert and a girl named Margaret, but everyone calls her Max for short. They want a job so they get one, and it will pay them 5,000 dollars a month. I wish I could get a job like that! I found out that the people Max and Robert work for bad people. You will find out the rest if you read the book! I would recommend this book because it`s like a mystery and if you enjoy solving mysteries, you will enjoy it like I did!
  •     America's Most wanted fifth graders was about 2 kids named Robert and Max. They are full of money making schemes as Robert is trying to but a Super Soaker 2000. They get twisted up with these bad guys that are asking them to sell cookies and then they will give them $5000 a month. They are so siked up until they are in the back of a truck all tied up. READ MORE TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS! THIS IS A GREAT BOOK FOR 9-11 YEAR OLDS!
  •     EXPERIENCE - We thought we were purchasing a "new" book and the book we received was clearly used as it had someone else's name written on the front cover. We were also charged for postage. When the book arrived, the shipping was way less than what we paid/were led to believe as the cancelled stamp on the front of the envelope was way less than paid amount. Additionally, thought I was dealing with a firm in California and the book came from a individual in New York. Overall, wouldn't trust/buy from any vendors other than Amazon themselves.BOOK - Overall unimpressed. Predictable and not very imaginative; however, an easy read.

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