Social Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs

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Press: Jossey-Bass; 2 edition (February 2, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-2
Author Name:Mannix, Darlene
Edition:2nd Edition


A flexible, ready-to-use activities program to help special students in grades 6-12  The updated new edition of this valuable resource offers an exciting collection of 200 ready-to-use worksheets to help adolescents build the social skills they need to interact effectively with others and learn how to apply these skills to various real-life settings, situations, and problems. 
The book provides 20 complete teaching units focusing on 20 basic social skills, such as being a good listener, "reading" other people, and using common sense.

About the Author

Darlene Mannix, M.A., has taught both general education and special education, and she has worked with students ranging from learning disabled and mentally challenged to language disordered and severely emotionally disturbed. 
Mannix is the best-selling author of numerous books for special educators including Social Skills Activities for Special Children and Life Skills Activities for Special Children.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     These lessons are perfect to use in secondary classes.
  •     I have a 17-year old daughter with down syndrome. It is difficult to find anything to help you help your child that truly is helpful. This book is exactly what I was looking for!
  •     I was interested in this book from the short preview that I looked through on Amazon. I thought the activities were going to be very appropriate for my emotionally disturbed boys at the high school level. Although the skills are necessary for their development into good citizens in life after high school, this text does not utilize modifications within the worksheets. I question the validity of the author of the text because if Mrs. Mannix taught for over 20 years within the classroom setting then the first thing that should come to her mind when looking through this book is that it will be far too difficult for students who have severe cognitive delays. The text within the book needs to be altered so that students can understand the content/skill that is being discussed in each section. Overall, this activity book needs to be altered tremendously.
  •     I stumbled upon this book while looking for resources on NLD (nonverbal learning disorder), which has caused my bright, 12-year-old son to flounder both academically and socially since fourth grade. It is FULL of excellent activities for children who have difficulty picking up social cues and interacting appropriately with their peers. Because my son works so hard during the regular school year, and typical summer programs and camps only cause him anxiety, we now opt to let him just take time off from organized activity during his summer breaks. But he will be assisting in the family home business, and now we plan to incorporate the exercises in this book into his daily schedule. They are interesting and fun, and even I look forward to working on them.Brian's Mom
  •     Using this with young man with developmental delay, helps staff build regular curriculum on a daily basis with him.
  •     I like this book because it is a guide of what to teach in a life skills program. Reading level is upper level, 8i have to modify it for my students who ready below 4th grade...
  •     I got a lot of good ideas from these books, though, in some cases, I was forced to upscale them for a high school audience.
  •     A variety of activities to reach kids at a variety of levels.
  •     Very disapointed. This book is not much different from the first version she has out. I was expecting all the content to be different, but it only contained a few different...
  •     I really like the context of this book and was excited to use it in my social skills groups. However the pages are so thin that the ink from the next pages bleeds through the paper. Visually distracting for my students and hard to follow for students with visual impairments or attention deficits.
  •     There is some quality material in this book. Definitely have to have supplementary materials when using it tho. The illustrations look amateurish.
  •     I have used several of the activities with my classes so I am pleased to have this text as a resource.
  •     Book was even more impressive when it arrived. It should be very beneficial.
  •     Perfect for Aspergers children who need help with Life Skills and Social Skills. While the book is really for groups, I have still found it perfectly useful for an only child. I just adapt the exercises. I would recommend this for Homeschooling an Aspie, which is why I purchased it.
  •     My students did not find the lessons engaging.
  •     Arrived in good condition.
  •     Awesome

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