Instant Immersion Spanish Advanced (Spanish Edition)

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Press:Topics Entertainment Topics Entertainment; Unabridged edition (January 1, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-01-01
Author Name:Topics Entertainment
Edition:Unabridged Edition


Yearning for the Yucatan? Going back to Baja? Now, intermediate-level Spanish speakers can take their fluency to the next level, with Instant Immersion Spanish Advanced on 8 compact discs. 
Providing more progressive instruction in structure and grammar, Instant Immersion Spanish Advanced emphasizes situational specifics, all set to a lively lesson plan of dedicated Spanish vocabulary.
Not a phrase book, not a translation guide, Instant Immersion Spanish Advanced is the speedy, sophisticated route to Spanish fluency.
Follow the lesson plan at your own pace! Disc 1 – Family; Moods; Corresponding verbs Disc 2 – Vocations; Indirect object pronouns; Likes & dislikes Disc 3 – Entertainment; Listening comprehension Disc 4 – Household items; Negative & positive command form Disc 5 – Religions; Corresponding verbs Disc 6 – Downtown vocabulary; Listening comprehension Disc 7 – Banking vocabulary Disc 8 – The human body; Medical information


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  •     This was a Christmas present for my Aunt and Uncle. They love it!
  •     excellent
  •     This product is just ok. I have been speaking spanish for about 3 years now daily because it is my wife's native language and I was hoping that this product would be more advanced in that it covered the more difficult verb conjugations and maybe some sayings that don't translate well. It covers very basic spanish in my opinion and I was not even able to continue with all of the CD's because it was very boring. The best program I have found for more advanced audio lessons is Learning Spanish Like Crazy. Put your money towards that.
  •     I love this set! I started out taking a few Spanish lessons, then proceeded on my own, and finished the Spanish Made Simple book. After that I went most of the way through Ultimate Spanish Basic-Intermediate by Living Language, in which I am still working. Both books are wonderful, especially if used in that order. (The second book has more to learn in it.) When I bought the Instant Immersion Spanish CD set a couple weeks ago, I found it to be the perfect way to round out what I've learned. Hearing Spanish spoken is what I have been missing, and these CD's are right on target for being easy to use, but having some challenges as well. Since the set does not come with a book, prior knowledge is required - the CD's begin at Intermediate level. Someone on this site mentioned that the instructor is not a native speaker, but my hispanic friend thought she was until she heard her speaking English (she sounds American then). I think the instructor is simply enunciating clearly. The CD's also include conversations between native speakers who are plenty hard to understand, so that aspect is covered. I was very pleasantly surprised with this course, and am highly recommending it.
  •     I borrowed this at the local library, and am glad I didn't buy it.The voice is that of non-native spanish speaker and accent/intonation is rather annoying.
  •     Very nice present, made me want to learn Spanish. Only CD3 songs were not recognized when importing them using iTunes.
  •     Was not able to use the CD at all.
  •     I am medium to advanced level after many college classes. I thought I would check this out since it was cheap and advanced and learning Spanish is a hobby and a passion.
  •     A great continuation of the Beginner CD's. Yes, you do need more than a basic understanding of spanish to appreciate, but just what I needed to refresh my past book/classroom...
  •     This is a great disc set. Easy to follow, plenty of repetition. However, the CD Rom was useless...the cds are what you use but YOU WILL NEED A BEGINNERS SPANISH BOOK TO FOLLOW ALONG...otherwise you wont see the correct spellings or see what your writing...if your are wanting to learn to write in spanish that is a must; but the cds are a great compliment to any book.
  •     The item was shipped quicker than it was expected, which was great. I like this audio series so that I can learn in my car. It takes a longer to learn that way, but I don't have time to sit in front of a computer. I've tried some other audio lessons, but I like Instant Immersion best. They really need a series between the beginner and advanced lessons though.
  •     I feel like I wasted my money with this. I have a Bachelor's in Spanish and studied abroad in Spain, but that was many years ago and I thought it was time for a refresher. I haven't even finished all the discs, because I'm so bored with it. Not a great way to keep up with your Spanish; however, I really wonder if there is a "good way" apart from constant immersion

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