1,000 Places to See Before You Die Calendar 2010 (Picture-A-Day Wall Calendars)

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Press:Workman Publishing Company Workman Publishing Company (July 30, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-7-30
Author Name:Patricia Schultz


1,000 Places to See Before You Die presents a fabulous itinerary-in-pictures for every month. 
By the author of the publishing phenom 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, it's daily inspiration for adventurers and armchair travelers.
Glimpse medieval Japan on the rustic Nakasendo Trail.
Visit the vineyards of Bordeaux's Route du Vin.
Discover the astonishing landscapes and abundant wildlife of Botswana.
Each full-color spread features one large photo at the top of the page, a map, description, and list of highlights, plus dozens of smaller images in the grid below.
Every month is the trip of a lifetime.

About the Author

Patricia Schultz is the author of the runaway #1 New York Times bestsellers 1,000 Places to See Before You Die and 1,000 Places in the United States and Canada to See Before You Die. 
She’s also written for Frommer’s, Berlitz, and Access travel guides, as well as Condé NastTraveler, Islands, and Harper’s Bazaar.
Her home base is New York City.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Picture-A-Day calendars are the best! I love having so many pictures to look at throughout the month. The 1000 Places one is my favorite because they always highlight places I wouldn't think to visit, and they show such a diversity in the culture. They also have calendars that focus on specific countries, which are great as well. The squares aren't terribly huge if you like to write in events, but they're sufficient for most people.
  •     Last year I bought my boyfriend the England version of this calendar, and this year I bought him this one. We have been thrilled with both. We have it hanging in our kitchen and both of us love it -- we look at the pictures while we're waiting for coffee to brew, cooking dinner, making a grocery list. I also think it would be fun to cook a meal each month that is themed to the place in the pictures -- so this month it would be Chile, last month Southern France.The photography is gorgeous and inspiring -- so much so that at a recent party some of our friends were hanging out in the kitchen and without our consent turned the page to the next month early because they wanted to see the pictures.
  •     Most calenders I get just sit on the wall or on my desk and I forget to turn it each month or day. This calender's been getting a bit more attention. I haven't skipped ahead because I want to see each month as it comes. Each month focuses on a different country, says a little blurb at the top with a map, and a picture for each day with a heading of where in that country it was taken. It's pleasing to the eye, I love knowing about different countries and I also love photography so this is a good calendar for me.
  •     Until you can afford to travel to all of the amazing places in these calendars (last year's was also amazing), you can settle for escaping the daily grind with the beautiful photos and the descriptions of each location. The calendar has a dominant photo for each month along with a dozen or so smaller photos sprinkled among the days. The day blocks are spacious enough to actually write in. It's my favorite calendar. If you need two calendars, the BBC World calendar is also pretty spectacular.
  •     Love it, been getting this calendar for the last 4 years. Give us ideas of what places to visit next. Seller and product is recommended.
  •     Great pictures, very good paper quality, but the pictures are a little small, you have to be really close to appreciate them, besides that I'm very satisfied.
  •     A thousand places to see before you die? Honestly? They give you a thousand places each year?! How in the world is any person supposed to see such a wide variety of locations...
  •     OK, I was bitten by the '1,000 Places to See' line, and thought I would get a calendar with roughly 365 different photos of vastly different places, but the reality is you get 12...
  •     I love my new calendar. Very cool! Everyday has a small picture. I just wish the months lasted longer now, so I have the time to read up on all the info.
  •     I buy one of these every year, have done now for five years, and always can't wait to see what the next month will bring, and if I have been there, or even, might go there.
  •     I was a little hesitant to order this product because I was not sure how the calendar would look. There was only a picture of the cover and I'm a visual person so I was disappointed that no one had posted pictures of how the inside of the calendar looked. Once I got over the fact that I didn't know how the calendar would look I was extremely excited when I ordered it because the reviews were great. Once I received it I liked it but I wasn't in-love with it, the pictures weren't as great as I had hoped. Don't get me wrong some it's still an okay calendar but next year I think I'll just go with a calendar that focuses on a specific location like Italy or beaches.P.S. I added a picture so y'all can see how the inside looks like
  •     Great photos!
  •     Beautiful calendar.
  •     Until recently I've been getting Mom calendars.. which were more focussed on making it look fun and easy to organize for each kid in the family. This year I decided to try out a different one and based on lots of reviews tried '1000 places to see before you die'.. I've got to say that Im really impressed! Beautiful pictures.. It takes up a city for each month and highlights the places to visit within a range of that city. Again, just by looking at the pictures, my list of 'places to visit' is growing faster even though my travel funds are nowhere close to knock them off!
  •     i love these 'picture a day' type calendars. ive been able to find one in person for the last 5 years or so, but this year didnt see one i liked (i dont want a picture a day of ireland! i want a new place each month!). this is gorgeous, and i enjoy looking at each day as i cross it off. i only started using it since i started my afghanistan deployment, so it has been a morale booster.
  •     The 2012 calendar would lead one to conclude that half the world highlights are in North America from the lack of global diversity represented in this edition.This is the fourth year I've purchased the calendar and I always look forward to seeing which destinations are on display. I was SO disappointed to open my calendar last night and see a starting lineup of New Orleans, Maui, Bay of Fundy, Guatemala, and Puerto Rico. Yawn. A quarter of the year is spent in Europe with Spain, Romania, and Wales. The interesting months all fall later in the year with Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Namibia, and I'll give credit for Jerusalem. PLEASE select more diverse and interesting destinations for 2013!!!!
  •     A nice calendar with a modern design, beautiful photographs, that awakens the imagination and shows how our world is beautiful.
  •     Love this calendar! Great pictures throughout and neat that it includes some info about each month's main picture. Great price too ..it was only 6.99 ...

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