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Press: Workman Publishing Company; Pag edition (June 15, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-7
Author Name:Frost, Meg


Cute after cute after cute after cute. 
The redonkulously adorable wall calendar based on Cute Overload―“the fuzziest, nicest blog on the planet” (CBS News)―Cute Overload is chock-full of adorable animal photographs enhanced by witty, pitch-perfect captions.
Each full-color spread celebrates one “Rule of Cuteness” (#2: Look helpless; #12: Fuzz + floppy limbs is cute) with a large photograph at the top of the page and dozens of smaller ones in the grid below.
Awwww: round little bunnies.
Impossibly small ponies.
A hamster nibbling a clover leaf.
A baby deer―all spots and wobbly legs.
Plus lots of puppies, kittens, hams and guinea pigs, not to mention the occasional wallaby, llama and itty-bitty snail.
It’s equal-opportunity cuteness, all year long.

About the Author

Meg Frost is the founder of, home of the cutest photos you've ever seen. 
Meg scours submissions from alert readers like you and selects only the finest, most squeal-inducing imagery possible.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     Guineapigshamstersbunnieskittehsnmore - wait, let's try that while actually breathing:January 1 is a suave guinea peeg with sweeeeet leeeeps. And then we go on to hamsters, including teeny paws, lots of PAWS UP!; teeny ears, big ears, everything you love about CuteOverload. Revisit your favorite hedgehogs with tubes, puppies in mid-air, and ladybug 'tocks.If you *don't* like the website, you won't like the calendar; your loss.As with the rest of the Page-A-Day series, once you buy the calendar, you get a code to use to get another of their calendars online, a page a day, free! So if you want to get a kitteh a day, a Bad Dog a day, or even a beer a day (some people think that's cute!) on your computer, take advantage of this. The hard part is choosing just one!The only thing that could possibly make this calendar better would be if the backs of each page were ruled, to make it easier to re-use them for notes. Ah well, nothing's perfect. But this is perfectly cute!
  •     I am a lover of all things kawaii and adorable. Always have been. But I guess I like the quirkier cute things (think Badtzmaru or Voodoo doll mummy), because some of these pictures' captions are not that funny or that cute.I bought it for my office desk, but then I just brought it home to be in my bedroom since it didn't even really warrant glancing at it for 8 hours of the day. Out of the first 3 months of 2011, I found about 5 images in 30 days that were actually funny/adorable (so I agree with another reviewer who says they are not so cute).I am not a regular on the producers' website, and have only visited it about 3 times in the past couple of years, so maybe I am just missing something.
  •     Two years ago, I got the first Cute Overload page a day for Christmas and it was an office hit. Pretty much every day there was something adorable along with witty captions.I ordered it again this year and I have kind of been disappointed. The pictures are... this will sound crazy... less cute. And the captions are not that funny.I understand that the creators are trying to fill 365 days without repeats, but... I kind of wish they'd take a year off and fill up the well of cuteness instead of scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  •     I order this calendar every year. As an animal lover, I obsess over which type of calendar to get. This one has a huge variety and has zoo exotics, pocket pets, dogs, cats, birds, fish, farm animals, and woodland critters galore!! All of the pictures are adorably captured and will make you want to flip ahead to see what is in store for the rest of the year.
  •     Love it!!!!
  •     Bought it for my gf as a X-mas present. She totally forgot about it, and to be truthful, I would've too. It has cute pictures, but the captions totally kill the pictures.
  •     I thought the calendar was OK, some of the pics aren't as good as the site, but then Oct 10th, 2011 showed two rabbits humping... that's not really CUTE.
  •     Many of the pictures are wonderful, but there are plenty that are not. Perhaps it is just me, but I don't find snakes, gorillas, or fish cute.
  •     Cutie
  •     I call this my happy time everyday. I check out "" everyday somewhere in the slump time of the afternoon. Some of the pictures make me want to scream they are so cute. How can anyone not appreciate the effect our furry friends can have on us. I was looking for a daily picture calendar for 2011 that puts out every year. Of course after not finding it anywhere - I googled it and landed on (again). Is there anything you people don't sell? Now I tear off a page everyday when arriving at work and start my day off with a laugh. Thanks again Maybe I should just start with you guys next time I want something. I'm sure the S&H charges cost less than the gas used to truck around looking for an item.
  •     Cute than anything I've seen! <3
  •     I guess I never got around to reviewing this. I loved this calendar, very cute pics and great quality.
  •     Who can resist cute cuddly baby animals every day of the year? This is perfect for any animal lover. Place on your desk and smile at the cuteness each day.
  •     Nice calendar, pretty funny, sticks to the website's spirit.Got it delivered in France, it took some time (about 3 - 4 weeks, they don't lie to you when they tell you to expect it a month later), but it was worth it.Funny, cute, odd pictures are in the package, it has some dotted lines on the top of it for you to rip groups of pages when you've gone through like a month.Only downside: I use it on the stand (not hung on a nail in the wall) and it is barely steady on a slidy table/desk. For instance, if you plan on putting it on a formica desk or that kind of slippery surface, the stand's plastic doesn't let itself be bent back easily. So it slowly gets back to its primary position and the calendar falls back. Meh.I guess some "Patafix" as we call it in France ( [...] ) might do the trick and prevent it from moving.I would give this article an 8 out of 10 grade.Keep going CuteOverload!
  •     If you like Cute Overload, you will like this calendar. The pages are high quality color with the date and a short caption. The one star reviews criticize the captions as unfunny, which is why I mention the site that spawned these. If you don't like the humor there you may not like the CO calendar. Who knew?My only criticism would be that the font is really small where the holiday information is printed. If you don't have good eyesight it may be impossible to read the tiny letters below the date.I'm still looking forward to my year of CUTE!
  •     SOME pictures are cute, most are not, some I rip off early because they are so ugly. The captions are lame and tend to ruin the picture even if it was cute.
  •     I bought this calendar to include in a care package for a friend and she loved it! The pictures are very cute (as advertised) and all in all it's just a fun calendar for animal...

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