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Press: Kensington Mass Market; 1 edition (February 1, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-2
Author Name:Barton, Beverly


In Murder. 
.The last sounds Dean Wilson hears are a clock striking twelve and a killer's taunting words.
And his death is just the first.
One by one, victims are stalked and shot at close range.
Only the killer knows their sins, and who will be the next to die at midnight.
And In Life.
In the ten years since her Hollywood career imploded, Lorie Hammonds has built a good life in her Alabama hometown.
When the first death threat arrives, she assumes it's a joke.
Then she gets a second note.
Sheriff Mike Birkett, her high-school sweetheart, has avoided Lorie since she returned to Dunmore, but when investigators uncover her connection to a string of recent murders, he's drawn into a case that's terrifyingly personal.
Timing Is Everything With every murder, the killer edges closer.
Soon Lorie's will be the last name left on his list.
Her only hope is to unearth a deadly secret--before the clock runs out for good.
Praise for the novels of Beverly Barton "Masterful!" –Linda Howard, New York Times bestselling author on Cold Hearted "A powerful story that kept me up very late--with all the lights on." --Kay Hooper, New York Times bestselling author on As Good as Dead

About the Author

BEVERLY BARTON (1946-2011), an avid reader since childhood, wrote her first book at the age of nine. 
After that she went on to write well over seventy novels and was a New York Times bestselling author.
She resided in Alabama.

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Romance,Romantic Suspense,Mystery, Thriller & Suspense,Thrillers & Suspense,Suspense,Literature & Fiction,United States

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  •     Another page turner. Absolutely love this series and find it hard to put them down. I recommend starting with book one, but if you start in the middle you will still understand the book.
  •     Lorie Hammons has tried to have a good life since her movie career came to a crashing halt. She has said and done things she isn't proud of, but is tired of constantly feeling like she has to apologize all the time. Her ex-high school sweetheart is the sheriff of Dunmore and ever since Lorie returned, he has treated her as a pariah and avoided her like the plague. Lorie can live with that, but then she gets a death threat in the mail. Then she gets another one, and this one is more sinister than the first. Now she has no choice but to take her troubles to Mike Birkett, the man she used to love and if she was honest with herself, she would admit that her feelings for Mike have never gone away. With the threat of death approaching, Mike and Lorie have got to come to some sort of conclusion with their relationship - if they can stay alive long enough.Dead by Midnight scared me to death. Me whimpy? Most definitely. The suspense was enough to make me grind my teeth and I found myself almost afraid to turn the page. Seriously. Dead by Midnight was the most suspenseful book I have read in a very long time. It made me look around corners and check out my surroundings. As for Mike and Lorie? I am happy to say that these two characters definitely belonged together. Their love for each other took a detour, but soon ended up on the right road.If romantic suspense is your cup of tea, don't hesitate to invest in Dead by Midnight. This volatile and well written novel will leave you breathless and panting for more!TaliaReviewed for Joyfully Reviewed
  •     Wonderful change in book read. I recommend this book to anyone that's in for a suspense plot this is it
  •     Liked the series. Wonderful read!
  •     Another one of this series. I have to find out what happens to all the characters.
  •     This book was disappointingly boring. It started out ok, I guess, but the romance premise that the heroine Lori's old fiance from apparently her teen years is still holding a...
  •     Easy to get caught up in the series!
  •     The book was OK, but I was a little annoyed by the long and frequent sex scenes. I don't really enjoy that sort of thing.
  •     I love Beverly Barton stories.
  •     Lorie Hammonds and Mike Birkett were a High Schoolloving couple. Lorie decided she wanted to be anactress. She tried to encourage Mike to go toHollywood with her. Mike had his own plans hewanted to go into law enforcement.Lorie left Dunmore, Alabama to California and triedto make it into show business. To her astonishment,she was unsuccessful after six years of trying toget a big break. Lorie played a small role in a Pornomovie.Lorie moved back home to Dunmore as a failure.She made a mistake making one porno movie.Most of the town's people had seen the pornomovie Midnight Masquerade. Nine years later,Lorie received two death threats. She hiredMaleah Perdue from the Powell Agency. The FBIbelieves there is a serial killer that's murderingthe cast in Midnight Masquerade. State, localenforcement, and the FBI are working with PowellAgency.Dead By Midnight could stand alone. Although, Irecommend also reading The Murder Game. This isthe book where Nicole was an FBI agent and metGriffin Powell. I would recommend reading theSilent Killer. Most of the characters in The MurderGame and Silent Killer are in Dead By Midnight.Dead By Midnight has too many characters; toomany story lines going at once with two serialkillers. One serial killer, murdering the cast inMidnight Masquerade. Then, the other serial killer,killed two Griffin Powell Agency employees. Ms.Barton left the Powell Agency for another series.I like Maleah who works for Powell Agency as adetective. She is intelligent and sassy. DerekLawrence is a retired FBI Agent who works forPowell Agency as a consultant. Beverly Bartonwill be writing a book about these two characters.I am looking forward to their story.
  •     Liked it very much. Kept me reading until past midnight.
  •     Highly recommend this book was getting readers block, until this book about a childhood romance, mystery and thriller came together to intrigue me from the very first pages..
  •     I have read all of her previous books in this series and was looking forward to reading this one. It was a good read, I did have a hard time keeping up with the many charaters in this book, but in general I did like it.There are 2 killers in this and I thought I had the Midnight Masquerade killer solved, I actually had it narrowed down to 2 people and it was one of the ones I thought. There is another killer lurking in the shadows killing off Powell agents that hasn't been caught yet. So I'm sure we will find out who the culprit is in the next book.
  •     Take all the characters from Gone With the Wind and War and Peace combined and you get this book. In fact, I think the only book with more people in it is the Bible.Every relationship is overexplained. Regarding a cranky old man who makes one forgettable appearance in the book:“That’s Uncle Clement. He’s Tyler’s great-uncle. His maternal grandfather’s brother." Seriously?????"Mrs. Webber, another valued customer and Nell Birkett’s first cousin once removed, had befriended Lorie .. "If you've read The Scarlet Letter, you will understand Lorie. Less easy to understand is why she takes a decade of abuse. The author morphs her from being a porn star to Mother Theresa, volunteering at inter-faith teen gatherings.The relationship between Lorie and the sherriff, her former beau is farcical."Life was strange. She’d been back in Dunmore for nearly nine years and during all that time, Mike had been barely civil to her and had never smiled at her. And suddenly today, when it had become obvious that her name was on a madman’s hit list, Mike had smiled at her for the second time."Here's the leading man's attitude at the beginning of the book."The Lorie Hammonds who had returned to Dunmore nine years ago was a bruised and battered, used and discarded wh@re. God only knew how many men she’d had sex with, not just in that sleazy porno movie she’d made, but during the years she had been trying to get her big break. Just about every man in Dunmore had seen her in that film. He had seen the movie once, and the sight of her and what she’d been doing had made him sick."Once she is in danger, our intrepid hero can't keep his pants on and even forgets to use a condom.
  •     Very good read as her books always are!
  •     excellent
  •     Not worth the time or effort if you enjoy mysteries - this is a formulaic romance novel, not a mystery.

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