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Press: Penguin UK (September 24, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-4
Author Name:Ripley, Fay


For the past 5 years, Fay Ripley has been cooking for her growing family. 
Spurred on by the lack of inspiration out there, she has written this cookbook full of recipes for all the family.
The vital ingredient is that you only need to cook one meal.
She was fed up of having to cook separately for her 1-year-old, then having to knock up something for her 5-year-old and then, with the kids in bed, finally think about cooking something to enjoy with her husband.
So she started working out meals that all of them could eat together - not separate ingredients, age dependent.
This book offers suggestions and inspiration to feed your family.
It's there to get you in the swing so that you can find 15 minutes to knock up something that you're proud to see them eat.
The idea is to cook food that you can remove your babies' and kids' portions from, before adding the more challenging ingredients for yourselves.
In Fay's words: 'I am living this.
It's easy.
I've kept it simple.
Sometimes I get it wrong.
Sometimes I have to throw pans away (multi-tasking can lead to burnt food).
But the Italians do it.
So why can't we?'

About the Author

Fay Ripley is a successful actress, best known for her part in the television drama series Cold Feet. 
She adores cooking and her recipes are a testament to how good she is at it! She lives in London with her husband and two children.


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