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Press: Xlibris, Corp. (January 21, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-1
Author Name:Akoa, Benoit


Instant Messenger is an American thriller novel that blends elements of the crime and horror genres. 
It features George Otto Simbalahe Toure AKA GHOST, a brilliant drug dealing thug and sadistic serial killer.The GHOST is an only child who lives on a trailer park in central Maine.
He lives with his father, a Haitian immigrant and step mother who is a native of Maine.
At an early age, George is the subject of ritualistic abuse from his father .
severe beatings and systematic torture.
Throughout his early childhood there are elements of voodoo and Santería.
His crimes start at the tender age of ten, when he begins stealing from neighbors.
His peeping tom activities soon evolve into black mail as he discovers many neighbors in situations he quickly recognizes the neighbors wouldn't want their husbands' loved one's and especially the authorities to know about.
His reputation grows and soon becomes to go to person among his peers for anything from drugs to gadgetry.At age 16 his first murder and his blackmailing activities evolve beyond the compounds of the trailer park .
He also becomes a ruthless drug lord, two dedicated generals.
They kill maim and torture their competition along the way to the top.
Millions of dollars begin to flow .
But his secret murders of women continue, so does his blackmail evolve to involve local police departments and even judges.
The blackmail is usually of a sexual nature.
He has a cunning way of making it appear that high ranking members of society are child molesters or statutory rapists .
His drug territory grows .
When the GHOST zones in on the a Homicide detectives' daughter, Faye Patterson, he does not yet realize she is the child of the cop he once tortured and killed years before .
When he finds out, the idea of do0ing the things he'd done to the father to the child is alluring, that's until the mother, Faye comes along and the opportunity of having the entire family throws him into a whirl spin.
Faye's assigned partner J.C.
seems to have inside information that could help find GHOST and rescue the abductee.
Instead, J.C.
begins hiding information from the department and playing games with important clues and insights about GHOST .
Ghost kidnaps the daughter and the manhunt begins.
Ghost is luring Faye into a deathly trap and all with the help of her partner .
Faye is thrust into the path of GHOST's murderous fantasy.  She needs to stop him before her daughter becomes his next victim .
and save herself.

About the Author

Benoit Akoa Benoit Akoa is an author living in Northern United states.Main Genre: Fiction, Action Thriller, suspense, Romance.


Literature & Fiction,African American,United States,Mystery, Thriller & Suspense,Thrillers & Suspense

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  •     I first read Instant Messenger in 2009 when Benoit Akoa was getting ready to publish it. I edited it for him, and our co-workers joked that I had a very cool and professional way of critiquing the murder scenes, making sure they were described in a way that was aesthetically pleasing from a technical standpoint.Seriously, though, this is not a "pleasant" book as it deals with extremely macabre subject matter. I did not walk away from it undisturbed. However, I am especially impressed reading it now, as a finished product, with the way it was put together. Akoa wrote a book that delves deep into its characters inner lives, builds suspense in an effective way and is also quirky enough to capture your imagination. I also suspect a lot of research must have gone into writing this. As well as a lot of heart.I think it's a great debut novel, and I hope Akoa goes on to publish more.

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