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Press: Torquere Press (August 8, 2008)
Author Name:Tortuga, Ba


What happens when Galen Frost is gone too much on business, leaving his lover Shane home alone too long? A storm of epic proportions hits. 
Galen and Shane are back in this final installment of the Stormy Weather series, which includes the bestselling novels Rain and Whiskey and Tropical Depression.
When Galen's business interests take him out of town for long periods of time, he and Shane begin to drift apart.
Shane meets new friends, who tempt him into a life of excess, while Galen struggles with his pride and a greedy business partner who wants Shane out of the picture.
The boys try to find stolen moments to spend together, but it gets harder and harder for Shane to understand what Galen sees in the road, and even harder for Galen to find his way home.
Shane starts to think he'll never be enough for his driven lover, and Galen starts to think he'll never find a way out of the black hole of work he's sunk into.
The situation comes to a head during hurricane season, when a storm sweeps down on Galen and Shane's Florida home, reminding them of what's most important in their lives.
Each other.
Can they make it through the eye of the storm and come out stronger on the other side?


Gay & Lesbian,Literature & Fiction,Erotica,Gay,Romantic,LGBT

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  •     BA's three book series began with Rain And Whiskey, then came Tropical Depression and then came along her third book in the series. Hurricane. Shane and Galen first met in a bar where Shane was the bartender. being drugged by someone he thought of as a friend and lover made Galen leary who he took a drink from. He watched Shane behind the bar and was impressed. He ordered a drink and watched as he poured. from then on he only accepted drinks from Shane. as you can imagine they soon became a couple. living together had it's ups and downs but it wasn't untill Galen became so involved with his new job which took him away from home so much that things started to go sour. Hurricane is the book where this takes place and my expectations were more than met. i enjoyed each character tremenously in this three book series. each book are keepers. ba tortuga should definitly be on your list of hot authors. if you enjoy a good romantic story with a lot of hot sex then BA Tortuga is a must author for you.
  •     Galen travels for work commitments, leaving Shane to live alone weeks at a time working as a bar manager. While Galen is on one of his trips, Shane meets and befriends a boat cruising, handsome, and single Wade. Galen's partner Frank is bound and determined to split Galen and Shane apart. Galen manages to mess things up on his own by missing Shane's thirty-fifth birthday.Galen and Shane together are "Hot as a box of firecrackers in a barbeque", but can they keep their love alive with their separate careers and their own inner insecurities? The storm that hits has the potential to tear them apart forever.What more can you ask for in a story: long legged men, pierced and chained-link nipples, ripped abs, strong men, hot sex, stormy conflict, and did I mention hot sex? Hurricane is the third and final book, preceded by Rain and Whiskey and Tropical Depression with lovers Galen and Shane. I've not read the first two books in the appropriately named series, Stormy Weather, but I found plenty to enjoy in the day-to-day lives and loving of Galen and Shane in this final book.Beth Anne

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