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Press: Bold Strokes Books (February 16, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-2
Author Name:Powell, V. K.


Lennex Chambers is a disillusioned hired gun who longs for a connection with life beyond her assignments. 
Lining up a cushy escort job in Africa, Lennex hopes to find the chance to relax and re-focus.
But providing security to the immensely attractive philanthropist Sara Ambrosini isn't as simple as it seems.


Gay & Lesbian,Literature & Fiction,Fiction,Romance,Lesbian,Mystery, Thriller & Suspense,Mystery,Women Sleuths

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  •     Zak Chambers lives and breathes her job as an undercover hired gun. Sara Ambrosini, is the head of Ambrosini Philanthropic and has wealth and a privileged lifestyle.Zak has become disillusioned with her lack of a personal life. She takes on what should be a cushy job to escort Sara safely to Africa to build a school out in the African bush.What should have been a simple assignment evolves into a complex situation, involving corruption and greed.Zak and Sara discover they are attracted to one another, but Zak cannot allow romance to interfere with her job.This book is yet another winner for V. K Powell. A page turner from the very beginning. Definitely one to keep and re read.
  •     I have come to understand that lesbian literature is really a hit or miss between which ones are really satisfying and which ones are a total waste of time. This was a HIT! The spark was great, the romantic development was good, and I loved the particular scenes the author told! She's really great, and this book was a joy to read, I do believe I could read it a hundred times without getting bored lol
  •     Excellent compelling story with well-developed characters.
  •     One of my favourite adventure-love stories!!
  •     My interest was caught from the first sentence-the author has a strong, immediate style and has created a powerful, fascinating character with Zak, a secret agent/spy sent to act as bodyguard to a `do-gooder' in Africa. Zak is eaten up with guilt over her last assignment, when she had to act as a honey trap. The mark fell in love with Zak, but Zak had to harden her heart against personal involvement. Sara is travelling to Africa as part of the stipulations made by her mother's will. Sara intends to build a school for disadvantaged children and stay in Kenya long enough to set up and administer the first few months of the school's operation before she returns home. Her hot-to-trot girlfriend Rikki is upset that Sara is leaving, but Sara needs the space as friends have told her that Rikki is unfaithful, and Sara has hired a PI to check on her lover's movements while she's gone. Zak and Sara are instantly attracted by lust at first, but gradually they find they like and admire one another, and that turns to love during the soul-searching journey of the book. This isn't just a romance, though-there's a strong subplot involving Zak's past in Africa, a corrupt policeman who was responsible for the death of Zak's father, and men who are eager for Sara's project to fail. I also liked the unusual setting of Kenya, and the country, its people and politics are vividly described by the author. A really great read with a taut thriller aspect to it that I very much enjoyed.The author paints the African landscape and culture beautifully and the writing is a pleasure to read. My one complaint, I couldn't tie in the title of the book.Gets better and better with each book. Can really see VK's growth as an author.
  •     This is VK Powell's third novel, and it's her best one so far. It's an entertaining read with good descriptions of setting and characters. I would give it 3.5 stars if that were possible.
  •     Fever is a terrific book, one that makes you think as you're reading and stays with you when you are done. This is an entirely different setting than her previous novels and the journey in Africa is well worth the read. As I read I could picture the bleakness of the area, I could hear the lions roar at night and feel the overwhelming heat of an African day.VK has always been an extraordinary storyteller and Fever adds to her growing talent.
  •     I was immediately pulled in by this book and thought the Africa setting was different enough from many lesbian romances to add real value to the story. There were some parts of the story that strained credulity but overall the setting and the scenes brought Kenya home to the reader. Very impressive tale! I look forward to reading more of her work

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