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Press: Torquere Press (June 26, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-6
Author Name:Michael, Sean


Welcome back to the Velvet Glove, the most exclusive men's BDSM club in the galaxy! This fifth installment of the Velvet Glove series features In Three to Heal, where Jean is a broken man. 
He's been practically blinded and terribly scarred by an accident.
Alone and angry, he turns to the Glove to take him out of himself for awhile.
Club social director Kestrel introduces Jean to committed pair Noel and Richard.
Can these two devoted men find a place in their heart for Jean? And can Jean accept them in return? Rock Stars and Size Queens finds famed singer Angel at the end of his rope.
Manager Jax has brought him to the Glove, sedated and undercover, for some rest and a little therapy that only the Glove can provide.
Jax hires Dom Roland to take Angel under his wing, then Jax dallies with Minuet, one of the club's best subs, and a bit of a size queen.
Can these four men find what they need? Finally, in Fits Like a Glove, we learn more about Hercules, the owner of the Velvet Glove.
The Glove is exclusive, hot and all his.
Malachi is the club's head trainer and an extraordinary top.
The man has a secret, though, one that Hercules discovers.
If it gets out, Malachi's reputation could be ruined, and possibly the Velvet Glove's too.
Can Malachi and Hercules maintain a relationship as well as their roles at the club? Or will their needs and desires bring their world crashing down around them?


Gay & Lesbian,Literature & Fiction,Erotica,Gay,Romantic,LGBT

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  •     Warning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS."Three to Heal" - 6/10PROS:- One of the characters, Richard, is almost entirely mute. I worried that it would get old--the fact that he doesn't speak--but instead I found his silence (and accompanying facial expressions) endearing.- I liked that Jean is so scarred physically and that neither of his new lovers seems to take much notice of that. They see his personality, not his scars, and the resulting emotions that that fact brings out in Jean are sweet.CONS:- None of the three characters were very memorable for me. I'm writing this review about 4 days after having finished the story, and I had to flip through it again to remind myself who the main guys were and how their story progresses.- Usually I buy into Michael's "love-at-first-scene" storylines, but for some reason I thought these 3 guys moved a little too quickly. I guess it's because two of them are already in a well-established, stable relationship; it seemed different than the stories in which 2 (or more) guys are actively looking for someone to complement them permanently."Rock Stars and Size Queens" - 7/10PROS:- I love stories in which one character is ill in some way, whether physical or mental, and the other helps to nurse him back to health. Angel is so exhausted by his most recent tour that he can't even speak, and Roland's tough love is just the thing he needs to get better.- Michael does a good job of capturing the attitude of a prima donna character who's used to getting everything he asks for. I chuckled more than once at Angel's indignant reactions when Roland matter-of-factly refuses to let him do something.CONS:- As is often the case with stories that focus on two different couples, I was much more interested in one couple than the other. I read the Roland/Angel chapters with relish, but then when the Jax/Minuet chapters rolled around, I was tempted more often than not to just skip them altogether because they bored me.- Even as much as I liked the Roland/Angel pairing, their relationship seemed to jump from "Angel doesn't know whether he even likes Roland" to "Angel wants to be with Roland forever" rather suddenly."Fits Like a Glove" - 9/10PROS:- Mal is an incredibly strong character, mentally as well as physically. He's the consummate Top: never loses his cool, always seems to have the upper hand. It's DELICIOUS to see him submitting to Hercules...especially knowing that his longing to submit is so deep-seated.- My previous impression of Hercules (from reading earlier Velvet Glove stories) was that he's cold and impersonal, and that impression changed when I read this story. He maintains that cold persona in public (although he does let it slip a *bit*, which I liked), but he's incredibly affectionate toward Mal in private.- The primary mode of the men's relationship is D/s, but there are also a couple of scenes that show them interacting as simply lovers and partners, and I liked seeing those almost as much as the ones in which Mal lets go of his control and hands it over to his Dom.- I loved the ending.CON:- The prologue is written in first person--parts of it from Hercules's point of view and parts of it from Mal's--and I really liked both of their narrative voices. I was a little disappointed that the rest of the story was written in third person.Overall comments: I liked the first two stories in this volume okay, but I think they pale in comparison to the third one. If you haven't read earlier stories from the Velvet Glove series, the effect of "Fits Like a Glove" might not be as strong, but it has become one of my favorite BDSM stories ever. I'm certain it will be on my frequent re-read list.

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