3 Audio CDs for Titon's Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples, Shorter Version, 3rd

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Press: Schirmer; 3 edition (November 19, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-11
Author Name:Titon, Jeff Todd; Cooley, Timothy J.; Locke, David


3 CD set containing various music examples from the authors' fieldwork, as well as fieldwork of other ethnomusicologists and relevant commercial recordings.


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Basically, in a general sense the book does not really describe much in the first chapter, instead what it does is that it puts out a random word to you and asks you questions to help you understand the definition. It however, is not straight to the point and instead goes off into tangents using examples that would be later described in the book. There is a lot of figuring out to do and the best way to get through the book is to develop your own method of understanding the topics described.
  •     The CD's are obviously an important part of the listening experience. I specifically bought this book because the seller's description said it came with 3 CD's. Thanks to Youtube, I will be just fine in my class. Buyers be aware that you might not get your CD's.
  •     horrible rental, had tons of previous writing throughout. the book overall is filled with a lot of confusing terms and misspelled words. maybe the book would be better off with a different teacher in another case...
  •     I also received no CD's with mine. Now I am trying to find the CD's seperately online. Does anyone know where to get them?!
  •     Mine came with the cds but not the book. It's false advertising.
  •     Certainly used. But acceptable as described!
  •     In good condition.
  •     Yes!
  •     Not super easy to interpret but the CDs worked well enough.
  •     Copyright issues on Kindle version make important text not viewable. Very unhelpful in college textbook setting.
  •     One of my biggest pet peeves is the price of college text books. I am stunned that this little book costs $100, I personally think it is totally unethical to charge this much for a book. Another huge complaint I have it that I spend $100 for a music book and the three companion CDs are not included, I would have to fork out another $40 just to have the music to go along with the book. Shame on these publishing companies that overcharge for books and leave out critical material.
  •     in pretty rough shape for price
  •     I didn't learn anything from this.
  •     I enjoy this book, but just keep in mind that this does not come with the cd's. I decided not to order any cd's and just wait to see what my professor said to do. He ended up giving us a website link that had all of the songs on it, so that was way awesome. I don't think I'm allowed to post the link, but there are ways to find the songs on the internet for free.
  •     Good
  •     I ordered this book brand new under the mistaken assumption that would guarantee me the CDs. I was wrong. Apparently a book that requires you to listen to tracks on an accompanying CD is sold sans CD so that instead of paying the already ridiculous price of $100 for a 432 page (including appendices) text book for what is for most, an elective class, I am forced to then turn around and order the $40 3 CD set, bringing the total to a truly ludicrous $140 for a class I will never think of again. Amazing. Thank you corrupt text book companies for screwing over yet another college student.I'm going to try and find the songs on Youtube like another reviewer did. Being an unemployed student with a family trying to make a new start, I can't afford to throw money around like this.
  •     very nice!
  •     good book

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