So You Call Yourself A Man (The Church Series)

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Press: Dafina; Reprint edition (August 1, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-8
Author Name:Weber, Carl


Carl Weber, the New York Times bestselling author of Up to No Good, will keep you on edge with this tale of three lifelong friends. 
James Robinson and his wife have had their rough patches.
But seven years into their marriage, things are better than ever.
.until James's past comes back to haunt him--with a baby in tow.
James's best friend, Brent Williams, has always had women throwing themselves at him, but it's taken Brent a while to find someone who wants him for the man he is on the inside.
His plus-sized fiancée isn't his usual type, but they seem like a match made in heaven--until a sexy third party comes along.
When Sonny Harrison's wife sends him packing, he's lonely until he reunites with his high school sweetheart.
But as his feelings for her get a little too intense, Brent and James may be the only ones who can intervene.
But will that mean losing their friend forever?"Captivating and heartfelt.
.a satisfying read."--The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers"Major revelations and an eye-raising twist will make even seen-it-all fans gasp."--Publishers WeeklyIncludes an excerpt from Carl Weber's new novel.


"A fast-paced mix of scandal, jealousy, and wickedness."A raucous 'desperate husbands' story [with] and eye-raising twist [that] will make even seen-it-all fans gasp.""Weber spins a lively, revelation-packed tale deepened by genuine emotion, convincing detail and smart dialogue."


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  •     This book was so good I could not out it down! Now I'm going back to read the first one.
  •     Best-selling author, Carl Weber, has done it again with "So You Call Yourself a Man." This story of three friends, James, Sonny, and Brent, is full of twists and turns that will catch even the best sleuth off guard.Brent Williams, a born-again Christian, is a brother who could have any woman he wanted. His fiancée' who is also a born-again Christian, is a plus size, hard working woman who is devoted to her man and her church. As the saying goes, "the mind is willing, but the flesh is weak."Brent's best friend is James Robinson who is married with children. James and his wife Cathy grew apart over the years, but desperately fought to rebuild their relationship. Now James is fighting to keep Cathy from finding out about his affair and the child his ex-lover has just informed him that he fathered three years ago.James and Brent have another best friend by the name of Sonny Harrison. Sonny married his wife Jessica against the advice of his friends and moved to Seattle. With James' help, Sonny lands a job at UPS and moves back to New York to reunite with his buddies. Meanwhile, Jessica has plans of her own that don't include returning to New York or reuniting with Sonny. Heartbroken for all of a day, Sonny moves on and rekindles a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Tiffany. After losing his wife Jessica, Sonny will do anything not to let this one get away.This book gives true meaning to the phrase, "what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger." Hats off to Carl Weber for a great read!
  •     *Claps Loudly*This book has singlehandly made Carl Weber my favorite author. This book was simply amazing. The characters were extremely well developed, down-to-earth; So much so that you felt their pain, joy and sorrow.The plot of this story was REMARKABLE, So many questions during the book, left me feeling as though the main scenario (cheating husband) was just too stupid to be real--Until I got to the end. ALL my questions were answered, with my mouth gaping open.Be prepared for the shock of your life when you get to the ending! I've never read a story with an ending that took me completely by surprise with not one but TWO twists...I loved this story, I reccommended it to everyone I know and they were very VERY pleased as well.Carl Weber has a unique way of making all his scenarios believable and relatable, it's that reason alone everything this man writes is perfection! I love it, read it--You will not be sorry!
  •     LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!! It is a shocker.
  •     Loved it. Once again, Carl Weber delivered.
  •     Very good book and it kept my attention.
  •     As I'm going through reading all Carl's book in order that they were written..this is book 7 in his list of works, and 7 in this is my favorite book....
  •     This was a great storyline I loved it, a must read!!!!!
  •     Ok
  •     Carl Weber does it again! He creates characters who initially seem normal, but then out of nowhere the truth about them unfold. This story blew my mind because I didn't expect any of these characters to turn out the way they did. I think each one got exactly what they deserved "So you call yourself a man?" Is a fitting title because each one did things that I wouldn't consider being a real man. All of them were dishonest liars and their actions hurt other people. Brent got what he deserved, James got what he deserved, and so did Sonny. I do wonder what would have happened if Brent revealed his truth to his friends but I guess we will never know. This story has lots of twists and turns and kept me up late wanting to know who did what and why. I think Carl should consider turning these crazy stories into movies. We could use the entertainment.
  •     Very good book as usual by Carl Weber.
  •     Book is ok. Ended suddenly after starting very detailed. Carl Weber writes great storiea and i would share them with anyone.
  •     Oh Snaaappp, what a GREAT book. The story will blow your mind (literary). Had me wanting for more & more of each character. I was using phrases like "oh hell naw"; "no she didn't" & "what the "F" - Yes, it's that intense. You will be shocked as it gets towards the end so be prepared and enjoy the ride!!!Carl Weber's novels definitely keep you wanting to come back for more. Please read, I certainly recommend this book, you won't be disappointed.Thank you again Mr Weber (ANOTHER HOME RUN).
  •     This book had me drawn in from the first chapter....I knew when James got that call at 3 am that he had a baby, it was gonna be on and popping throughout the duration of the book and Carl Weber didn't disappoint! There were some jaw droppers, twists, and shockers and it made me want to know what happened to them later on. We read this in our book club and boy ole' boy did we have some serious discussions! Not only about the book characters, but we were able to incorporate some of the scandals in our own lives.
  •     In another drama-filled adventure, Weber chronicles the lives of three African-American men---who also happen to be best friends.James and wife Cathy seem to have finally gotten their volatile marriage back on track. Everything seems to be looking up--until the one indiscretion in James's history from those troubled times makes a phone call--and announces that he is the father of her three-year-old son. James can't face telling Cathy....but what will he do when the lies run out?Meanwhile, best friend Brent has problems of his own. Newly engaged and then married to the overweight and God-fearing Alison, no one can figure out what the gorgeous Brent sees in Alison when he has been pursued by virtually every woman in their church--married AND single. Unbeknownst to Alison, Brent has been able to resist the advances of all but one---the gorgeous Jackie. And it is not until he is caught quite literally with his pants down that Brent is ready to confess his infidelities to his church family.Lastly, best friend Sonny is planning to return with his family to New York City from Seattle, Washington. But while Sonny has gone ahead in advance to prepare for the big move, his wife plans to make big moves of her own---and they don't involve Sonny.With mega twists and turns and shocking plots, Mr. Weber has done it again. My only criticism would be the storyline of Sonny; his actions I just found too difficult to believe. Not that it doesn't happen, but I felt that the ring of realism and truth was missing.All in all, the typical great Weber tale, and not to be missed.DYB
  •     An awesome book. Great storyline. I hate Brent's fate. I'm mad that Alison did all that to keep him. But it's realistic.

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