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Press: Delmar Cengage Learning; 1 edition (August 19, 2008)
Edition:1st Edition


Our Case Studies CD-ROM Series was designed to give students an opportunity to "learn by doing."  Most textbook case scenarios are usually brief and only give pieces of the whole case. 
Actual case files with the court typically contain issues too complicated for beginning students, the documents are too lengthy, or they are often incomplete since discovery devises are not filed with the court.
Instructors can create their own cases, but it is often a burden because of the time commitment.
With this series, the work is done for them.
Each CD-ROM contains a case file, a series of documents that would be found in a litigation, criminal law, or family law file.
Documents will be included in their entirety instead of as abbreviated versions.
The student will therefore be involved in working on an entire case and not just parts of a case.
Each case will be simplistic to appeal to the beginning student, but will still be realistic.
An extensive list of assignments is provided for the instructor to select from.
None of the cases are state or time specific, so they can be used in any jurisdiction at any time.
With these CDs, the student will be able to analyze cases while producing legal documents and preparing legal research, just as paralegals do in actual law offices.
By completing these exercises, a paralegal can develop the practical skills necessary to function as a valuable and effective member of a legal team.
Family Law CD-ROM: Allen v.
Allen Involves a divorce action brought by a woman against her husband.
Issues such as fidelity and compatibility are raised.
The couple has minor children born of the marriage; therefore custody and support must be considered and visitation rights must be defined.
There are also numerous marital assets to be divided between the parties, as well as property that is claimed to be non-marital.


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