The Jelly Effect: How to Make Your Communication Stick

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Press: Capstone; 1 edition (August 23, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-9
Author Name:Bounds, Andy


Like throwing jelly at a wall, poor communication never sticks. 
Too much information and not enough relevance is a problem that pervades almost all business communication.
So what's the answer? More relevance and a lot less jelly.
The Jelly Effect teaches you simple, memorable and costless ways to win more attention and more business.
Imagine how effective you'd be if you communicated only what was relevant 100 percent of the time.
You would be better at talking to others, presenting, networking and selling.
You would excel in interviews, meetings and pay-rise discussions.
The benefits would be endless.
The Jelly Effect will show you how to get the best out of any situation, whether you're speaking to an individual or a group, formally or informally, inside or outside your organisation.
By the time you close the final page of this book, you will be armed with practical, proven techniques that will help you be more effective in all your business dealings.
"Andy Bounds taught me more about effective presenting than a lady who’d previously taught two US presidents." –Drayton Bird, chairman of Drayton Bird Partnership and world leading authority on direct marketing


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Comment List (Total:5)

  •     This book helps you to understand what your audience is hoping to hear. It also explains how to get your message across without putting them to sleep and texting during the presentation/talk. Some good tips on preparation and targeted delivery. The section on networking shows a very way to work the room.
  •     An insightful and easy read. Andy has a straight forward writing style, delivering his message succinctly and with "no jelly". Highly recommended for anyone who has to communicate for a living (almost everyone!).
  •     What a succinct, informative little gem - just what one would expect from a man who has attained mastery of his craft.
  •     I have been wondering why my presentations were missing their mark. I thought it was nervousness but now I see it was technique.Thanks, Alan, I found this very useful. I'm also someone who hates Cold Calling and loves networking so I picked up lots of good tips.
  •     I'm a speaker and while I have no problem standing up in front of a group of 50 or 100 people, the thought of walking up to a complete stranger (or worse two or three strangers) is very scary thus networking is a nightmare.It was for the chapter on networking that I bought the book. The advice is very simple and practical, just what a inexperienced networker would need and very detailed, what especially worked for me was the cartoons of a networking session. It was a very clear way of indicating who you can approach and begin conversations with, indeed at my first networking session after the book I could see these opportunities for introductions and while I was still fighting my fear of walking up to strangers, the second time was easier and more successful.At the beginning the author introduces his concept of AFTERS, i.e. give the customer what they want which is a clever and often forgotten method of sales but I think he over-uses this concept a bit too much throughout the book, especially in the Sales chapter.I also found the Referrals chapter quite strong. It's important part of business and isn't always covered enough in standard business books. It's a different way of thinking and it was dealt with in the author's usual practical manner.I wasn't too excited by the presentations section, if you are serious about improving your presentation skills then there are better presentations skills books out there.For experienced professionals, they might find the concepts a bit too obvious but for someone setting up in business for the first time, they might find it quite useful and it can give them some ideas and strategies to try while they're finding their feet.

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