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Press: Harlequin (August 1, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-8
Author Name:Jones, Lisa Renee


Big-league pitcher Luke Winter needs a new security detail and specialist Katie Lyons is the best in the business. 
Going undercover as his girlfriend is a no-brainer: she's got to stay close.
Unable to resist the hottie hurler, Katie launches into a torrid fling.When playing at being lovers becomes the real--incredible, irresistible--thing, Katie finds that she's taking her eye off the ball.
Posing as his girlfriend and being his true-to-life lover are two very different things--and losing focus could cost them both dearly....


Romance,Sports,Contemporary,Literature & Fiction,United States

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  •     Lisa Renee Jones never disappoints me! Storyline was a little unbelievable, but fairly developed for a romance novel. Really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend.
  •     she was supposed to be a bodyguard and security detaik but the writing never gave a suspenseful and dangerous feeling that made us wonder if he was going to be in danger. plus how can you be a very good bodyguard if youre injured. i was expecting at least a little action where she could show her such highly praised skills but i was incredibly disappointed. those looking for some action with your romance save your money and avoid this book
  •     Lisa Renee Jones delivers a fast paced sexy read in Hot Target.Luke Winter is an all time big-league pitcher. He knows stalkers and crazed fans comes with the job, so he doesn't think the latest threats are any big thing. He agrees to met with the security detail that the front office has hired. Luke was expecting a hot and delicious woman to be his bodyguard. He tries every trick in the book to get this woman to turn down the job.Katie Lyons is thrilled to get this high profiled job. Her young company could use the exposure and the money will certainly come in handy. Katie tried to put her dislike of jocks on the back burner but her first meeting with Luke has her convinced that they are all alike. Once Katie gets Luke to take the threats seriously his whole demeanor changes. Katie could keep her distance from the arrogant ballplayer but this kind and sexy man she now sees is more disturbing to her.Katie and Luke pose as boyfriend and girlfriend to keep Luke safe. But someone has it out for Luke and this also puts Katie in danger. Will this new relationship survive after the stalker is caught?Hot Target is a tantalizing and sexy read. The characters are well written and you want to know them as friends. This is a delightful read that will make you want to find your own sexy ballplayer.

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