Principles of Map Design

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Press: The Guilford Press; 1 edition (March 3, 2010)
Publication Date:2010
Author Name:Tyner, Judith A.
Edition:1st Edition


This authoritative, reader-friendly introductory text presents core principles of good map design that apply regardless of production methods or technical approach. 
The book addresses the crucial questions that arise at each step of making a map: Who is the audience? What is the purpose of the map? Where and how will it be used? Students get the knowledge needed to make sound decisions about data, typography, color, projections, scale, symbols, and nontraditional mapping and advanced visualization techniques.
The book's utility is enhanced by over 200 illustrations, including 23 color plates; suggested readings at the end of each chapter; a glossary; and recommended Web resources.
All of the figures are also available at the companion website as PowerPoint slides.

About the Author

Judith A. 
Tyner is Professor Emerita of Geography at California State University Long Beach.
She taught in the Geography Department for over 35 years, where she served as Department Chair and as Director of the Cartography/GIS Certificate Program from its inception until her retirement.
While at California State Dr.
Tyner taught beginning and advanced cartography, map reading and interpretation, history of cartography, and remote sensing.
She is a member of the Association of American Geographers, the North American Cartographic Information Society, the Cartography and Geographic Information Society, and the California Map Society.
She is the author of two previous textbooks and over 30 articles.


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Comment List (Total:3)

  •     I love this book. Easy to read. Clear. Concise. To the point. All of the core concepts are covered.It is the best book on print map design out there. Period. Perfect for undergraduate students. Really good for undergraduate students that have only had GIS and have no exposure to decent map design.A wonderful, wonderful book at a reasonable price. Best in show. Punkt.
  •     The material in the book is good and the Kindle version is lower priced than the hardcover. The only knock on it is the book can only be used on an Android device, Ipad, or Kindle device. The digital version is not compatible with Windows 8 which launches the app store to download the Windows 8 Kindle app. It is also not compatible with the Kindle Cloud web viewer if you were to try using the book through the web browser on a Windows 8 pc. I don't know if the web viewing for any Windows version is now Kindle Cloud based but if so, then you can't use this on a pc no matter what version of Windows you are running. That might also hold true for Mac computers. So if you plan on using this this digital version then you are limited to using it on a mobile device for now that isn't Windows based.The response I got was the publisher may not have the digital version compatible for Windows 8 or the Kindle Cloud. The rep has submitted my responses that the book is limited essentially a mobile device to which ever department handles this. This is the only reason I knocked off 2 stars. It's a text book for a class of mine and should be accessible regardless of the display device.
  •     This was a super basic book. For a SUPER beginner it might be helpful, but I sold mine again as soon as I flipped through it. Completed my GIS course without any need for this book.

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