The Autism Prophecies: How an Evolution of Healers and Intuitives is Influencing Our Spiritual Future

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Press: New Page Books; 1 edition (April 20, 2010)
Author Name:Stillman, William


“In The Autism Prophecies, William Stillman reveals more startling truths about evolution, the future of our planet, and what the rapidly growing community of (autistic) individuals is really here to teach us.”Sandra Sedgbeer, editor in chief, Inspired Parenting and Children of the New Earth magazines“From his unique personal perspective and research...William Stillman presents a provocative case for autistic individuals often possessing special ways of knowing that border on the psychic and spiritual.”Sally Rhine Feather, PhD, executive director, Rhine Research CenterIt is estimated that every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with autism. 
No one knows why cases of autism are increasing worldwide.
In The Autism Prophecies, award-winning author William Stillman, who is someone on the autism spectrum himself, completes his spiritual trilogy by revealing the truth about autism and its purpose.In this intriguing book, you will learn: How “impossible” gifts such as mind control and speaking unknown languages could be occurring in some people with autism.How parents can distinguish their child’s spiritual interactions from behavior that might be mislabeled as hallucinatory-- and unduly medicated.How the wisdom of many people with autism may help us to prepare for future hardships and an impending renaissance of civility, respect, and compassion.


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  •     didn't hold my interest the whole time but enjoyed it
  •     I was really looking forward to reading this book, as I have seen some evidence that my autistic son has superior intuition, at the very least. But Stillman lost me in the first dozen or so pages because he used the word "curebie" to denigrate a huge group of parents who are giving their hearts, souls, and bank accounts to helping their kids have a better chance to navigate this world with a wider array of choices. Even worse, he conflates those who give their kids therapy with those who physically abuse disabled kids. I don't know how he could even believe that himself. These "curebies" are among the most vocal advocates *for* kids with disabilities and are among those who shout the loudest to expose abuse when it happens. Spare me the lecture on how to raise my kid. Acceptance? How far does that go? Why don't we just accept our typically developing kids too and never try to teach them to speak or to use the toilet. I think I'll treat my autistic son the same way I treat my typically developing son: love him just the way he is and teach him everything I can. (I'll wait with bated breath for someone who knows nothing about me to call me a curebie. Not.)
  •     William Stillman has made a great contribution to the autism community, by advocating the idea that autism doesn't imply a lack of intelligence. Suppose autism is like, say, cerebral palsy, a significant inconvenience in the physical/communicative realm, but not a cancellation of intelligence. The idea of The Autism Prophecies is that people with autism are a lot less distracted by the physical realm than most people, and have the opportunity to think about the world a lot more than most people. So the title "The Autism Prophecies" doesn't mean "prophecies about autism," but rather "previously unshared thoughts about the world, from people with autism."Stillman's book reveals a group of people with autism that have an awareness that most people don't have, an awareness of energies and auras, an awareness of divine guidance, an awareness of the state of the species. This awareness has a price; visits from "unwelcome energies," unresolved ghosts, evil spirits. Some readers may have a problem believing the events described in the chapter "Spiritual Warfare," but just as an autistic child makes a bully's heart beat a little faster, adults with autism make the "bully sense" of an unwelcome energy tingle.The last third of the book is a collection of responses to a survey about spirituality and prophecy by people with autism. I believe the average reader will be impressed by the subtlety of the responses. The average reader may be skeptical about some of the claims of awareness and guidance made by the responders. But if you were to give the same survey to a group of neurotypical contemplatives, you might discover some similar threads.As someone with Asperger's Syndrome, I take great comfort in this book, because it gives me the idea that even if I'm not all that helpful to the world in a normal capacity, I can be helpful to the world in an alternate capacity, that the thoughts I ponder on in many a dark hour have a purpose.So why did I give this book only 4 stars instead of 5? 1) Because the bit on the first page of the Introduction "autism is telling the world that nature is in distress" is an instance of a prophecy about autism. It was something that distracted from the arc of the book. 2) William Stillman has become something of a lightning rod in the autism community, and he spent some time writing about how the autism community has responded to him and his ideas, again distracting from the point of the book. 3) Stillman is a believer in the technique of FC (Facilitated Communication), an idea that some people in the autism community treat with skepticism. He spent exactly four lines arguing for the validity of FC, and I wanted him to do more, because many of the people he mentions communicate with the world using FC.I grasp that in the not-too-distant future, some of the thoughts of people with autism will be placed side-by-side with the thoughts and ideas of other contemplatives, and appreciated more fully by the public at large. This book is the reason why that will be so.
  •     It was helpful. I do wish he'd put more information about what can be done to help with some of these things. Not everyone is comfortable with his Christian options.
  •     This book is an absolute must read for anybody who knows somebody with autism, loves somebody with autism, or just wants to understand the amazing, incredible thoughts and abilities many of those with autism have going on within. This book is so enlightening, just so incredible.This is a perfect book to give to anybody who ever doubted, even for the briefest moment, that they must presume intelligence of those who are autistic, they wont after reading this work. For those who don't or never have doubted this explains so much.My brother, who is autistic and uses FC (facilitated communication) read the book before me and summed it up so perfectly, "the book is fab, Bill really understands us."I'm now buying a copy for myself because I want this as part of my library. It's one of those books that even if you borrow it to read, you'll want a copy for yourself to reread over and over.
  •     Since I got this book I have been reading it voraciously. It moved me deeply and I was amazed. But then I saw a documentary that showed tests which prove that Facilitated...
  •     I will definitely use them again. My book was in excellent condition. It arrived quickly and the service was super friendly-something I didn't expect, but was happy to encounter.
  •     I found this book to be fascinating and everyone should read it. I think it will help people understand autism from a deeper level and from a spiritual level. We are only treating autism on one level and this book helps you to see the different dimensions of autism and how we can assist everyone to deal with autism from a medical and metaphysical levels. I found this book to be life changing.
  •     If only my parents knew about autism when I was born. If only William Stillman was around with all his knowledge of autism back in the 50's he could of explained my many many experiences that I went through growing up.In Chapter 5 "Spiritual Warfare," which was my favorite part of the book, I could relate to so much that Mr. Stillman wrote about. For instance waking up screaming having both parents staring at me asking what was wrong. All I remember was I was feeling petrified. I still to this day wake up, not screaming, but wondering why I woke up and it is usually between the hours that Mr. Stillman speaks of.Many of my pets have portrayed similar behaviors that Mr. Stillman describes in this chapter.I know that William Stillman is only one man and he cannot visit every home that has a person with autism living there but writing his books is the perfect way of getting the truth about autism out in the world.I write this review because I believe in Mr. Stillman. There have been so many times and I mean soooooo many times I have felt like a "nothing" but after reading one of William Stillman's books, especially "The Autism Prophecies," I feel like a "something."
  •     Really helped me see autism on a spiritual level and realize how special these people are and how they are more in tune with 6th sense and different stories.I loved all the other books as well .

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