Street Food of India: The 50 Greatest Indian Snacks - Complete with Recipes

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Press: I.B.Tauris (August 31, 2010)
Publication Date:2010-6
Author Name:Bergerson, Sephi


Meetha lassi and bhel puri; paneer tikka and masalas, chutneys, and samosas. 
All visitors to India are greeted by an astonishing display of roadside snacks throughout the country: from the teeming lanes of Old Delhi to the hot, dusty streets in the remote countryside.  It is painfully hard to resist the smells and sights and tastes of this roadside food, prepared in front of customers’ eyes with the freshest ingredients and a good helping of panache and showmanship.
The acclaimed photographer Sephi Bergerson has been tracking down the very best street food in the country, which has been his home for the past seven years.
This book is a celebration of this splendid everyday cuisine and a virtual feast in itself.
With authentic and detailed recipes for the simplest and tastiest dishes in the repertoire, using ingredients easily found in the West, this serving will inspire and intoxicate in equal measure.  

About the Author

Sephi Bergerson is an independent photographer based in New Delhi since 2002. 
Previously a commercial photographer and president of the Professional Photographers’ Association in Israel, he received the Hazel Greenwald award for documentary photography in 1991 and was nominated for Photographer of the Year in 1998.


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     Excellent cookbook with good directions and tempting recipes. I used it several times and then gave it away as a birthday present.
  •     One of the most authentic collections of Indian recipes. Everything we've made from this book tastes exactly as if you're buying it from a street vendor.
  •     The photo illustrations were very low res and left a lot to be desired. I would have liked to see a wider set of regions covered to call it street food of India.
  •     I purchased this book as my wife wanted to read more about foods she missed from home. Now she wants to open a restaurant of her own now. Images are vivid and instructions are clear and easy to follow.
  •     The book is beautiful--full of pictures and color and some interesting recipes. Most of the book is photography, with recipes "on the side."
  •     Like I said, I wanted recipes. Just got this for Christmas and I was really disappointed once I had a chance to look through the book.
  •     This is a great book for my wife. She is Indian, but knows very little of the cooking culture. She will have a good time flipping through this book.
  •     Good concept its a good cookbook with good recipes .. After perusing the book, I did make a couple of the items featured in the book and consulted the recipes too.
  •     A great addition to my small meals collection of cookbooks. Love it!
  •     A cookbook of sorts but I enjoyed the plethora of lavish photography for each item and simple write-ups and description. A really gorgeous book to pore through.
  •     Beautiful photography and great recipes. I have been waiting for a book like this to provide authentic street food recipes from wonderful India.
  •     After an evening at the night food market in Old Delhi, just had to get this book to find out some of the things we so enjoyed so we could attempt to recreate them at home. The highlight of our stay in Delhi was the visit to the night food market...we nibbled our way through the evening and just had the time of our lives...found many of our very favorite treats in this book. When we were absolutely stuffed, our guide said we'd next be going to dinner!!! We managed through a sizzling tandoori treat and then rolled back to our hotel. This little book lets us relive our wonderful Delhi adventure.
  •     I adore India, Indians, the Mahatma and Indian food, but this book, was sadly, only just okay.

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