Bridging the Services Chasm

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Press: Professional Services Press (September 22, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-9
Author Name:Lah, Thomas E.


Bridging the Services Chasm provides a comprehensive framework companies can use to make critical service strategy decisions that have rapidly become the difference between product success and market failure. 
Based on the analysis of technology providers, this book leverages a combination of public record, unique survey data, and direct interaction to clearly define the critical role services is now playing in the success of product companies.
In 1991, Geoffrey Moore published Crossing the Chasm.
This seminal work framed and defined the specific challenges that companies face as they attempt to drive new product offerings to market.
Since then, a new set of strategy challenges for product-centric companies has become evident.
And there is a new chasm that companies must decide how to cross: The Services Chasm.
Bridging the Services Chasm frames the services strategy decisions product companies can no longer afford to defer and provides a clear path for action.


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  •     I've reviewed a vast array of scholarly literature across multiple disciplines, and have found NOTHING that articulates the concept of embedded services for High Tech as crisply, and as clearly as Lah does in this MAGNIFICANT body of work. Lah masterfully details extremely complex but key concepts in plain language.A wealth of data and years of research underpin this seminal piece for technology services literature. Lah's ability to cement the readers mental model visually with powerful graphics that summarize key points, and skillfully capture the essence of complicated relationships is phenomenal.Lah's book is the FIRST of its kind to FULLY address the entire ecosystem surrounding embedded services for High Tech. His effort has ENORMOUS value for researchers, practitioners, executives, investors, and any one else who wants to understand how a product company can successfully navigate in the new global service economy.
  •     This book illuminates, interprets and helps to resolve the strategic issues facing every services organization operating within a technology company.I consider this book to be required reading for four types of business leader:1. Services leaders who must define and implement services strategy and drive alignment with both overall company strategy and that of the product business units2 Corporate executives who need to understand how an effective services strategy can support company-level goals (and a mis-aligned services strategy can undermine the same).3. Product business unit leaders who require both an appropriate services strategy and a pertinent services portfolio to support customer adoption of their products during each phase in the product lifecycle4. Partner managers who need to understand the interactions between direct services delivery and indirect services fulfillment channels, as well as the drivers of behavior that will shape the strategies for both.The strengths of this book (and the others from the same author) are rooted Lah's years of hands-on experience of managing and consulting for services business within product companies. This ensures that the material is relevant, current, and practical to any leader in a similar position. The use of effective, intuitive models to explain the various strategic topics enables the theories to be readily communicated to others and turned into practice.Of Thomas Lah's 3 books, read this book first to make sense of the strategic issues your business faces, then move to Mastering Professional Services and Building Professional Services, both of which will help turn strategy to implementation.
  •     This is an excellent book, and Mr. Lah is very knowledgeable about the subject matter he is discussing and is very generous with his knowledge. However, since the book is expensive I would like to note a few of its shortcomings:1. The book needs editing. There are some points that appear and then reappear a few pages later without bringing any additional value. Also, the language Mr. Lah uses is not always easy to understand, a good editor would have changed the language from 'presentation speak' to proper written language so that the book can be read more easily.2. Mr. Lah uses many charts and graphics in the book. However, some of them are superfluous, while others are hardly legible.3. The bibliography for the book is extremely selective. Very few additional sources are mentioned in footnotes, but the combined list seems far from being comprehensive.4. The index is printed in the smallest font possible and is therefore extremely difficult to read.5. The overall feeling when holding the book is that it was done cheaply.Despite these points, the book provides excellent reading material for any services executive in a technology company and I recommend it highly.

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